Band Heater

Not just any water heating element

With a high-efficiency, fast-acting WATTCO™ water heating element, the "recharge" lag is virtually a thing of the past. More than a mere inconvenience, lag times in heating can slow down industrial processes where quick heat of a tank is essential. Other solutions such as a band heater for product pipes provide speedy action when waiting for results just isn't an option. WATTCO's products are familiar to many experts of industry and the commercial industry, from engineers to project managers. Browse our specific products pages or contact us to learn more. Production schedules depend upon timing, and WATTCO™ will provide the quick turnaround necessary for any job.

Leader of the band heater

WATTCO™ products are famous for their wide array of industrial and commercial applications, and our mica and ceramic bands are no exception. The ceramic band heater, for example, is commonly used in plastic injection molding and blow molding equipment. A hallmark of this type of heat is its energy conservation and the flexibility of its uses. Cost-effective and efficient in its heating powers, the mica version is also useful in plastic extrusion and is widely used in food production applications. Like our other water heating element products, WATTCO™ bands are available in many sizes, designs, heat ranges (all the way up to a scorching 1,200 degrees) and configurations. And with all those options and flexibility, safety and reliability remain constant. We will be here to answer all your questions and work within your parameters.


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