In Line Water Heater

The top range of quality manufactured heater elements on the market can be found for commercial and industrial applications directly from Wattco. For decades we have been the top manufacturing company in North America offering you  inline gas heating elements for inline water heater systems, industrial water tank heating, and new home water tank heating elements as just a few examples of our extensive product list. When you need replacement inline water heater elements or special projects elements designed for your specific applications our technical expertise in this niche, allow us to cater for your every requirement. If you are still using the old water heater systems in your home, consult with an expert plumbing service and ask about the new energy efficient inline water heater system which gives you endless hot water on tap when you need it..

Wattco stays abreast of latest technologies in heating elements and you will see that we already supply numerous types for almost every commercial and residential application you can think of. The new inline water heater systems are now very popular because they provide instant hot water on tap rather than waiting for the cold pipes to empty which is a waste of water. Inline water heater systems are low maintenance and economical to run as well with heating elements within a chamber combined with a thermostat to regulate temperature. An inline water heater is commonly used in spas and whirlpool bath tubs where water is circulated over the element to maintain the set temperature. There are quite a few different models of inline water heater elements you can choose from in this range. If you need assistance to get one that is perfect for your needs our expert consultants will be glad to assist, just a phone call away.

The inline water heater can be installed within filters if you are using them for spas and whirlpool tubs for maintaining aquarium temperatures where water is continuously pumped or for applications where hot or warm water is used at specific temperatures. Let Wattco help you with the best possible choice in heating elements of any type with the correct control panels to operate them. Have a look at the link to our vast product selection of inline water heater elements to choose from plus the variety of submersible elements with thermostats and other accessories for any type of liquid heating systems. You will also be surprised to find that the inline water heater is also energy efficient so you will save on water costs as well as energy bills by using them.

If you are designing an inline water heater system from scratch then complete the form provided for special projects and our expert consultant will be in touch with you to offer suggestions and information on what the best elements are for your needs. We offer you a quality guarantee for all of our products and give you free, no obligation quotes for any types of heating systems you need to build with quality elements that will provide you with years of uncompromising services.

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