Waste Oil Heaters

Waste oil heaters, and waste oil boilers are becoming more popular in recycling centers in North America whereby used oil recycling centers combust motor oils to generate thermal energy to fuel thermal combustion engines (http://www.wattco.com/blog/2011/11/waste-oil-heaters ).  With the help of a  long term trend in the high prices of crude oil, waste heating is quickly becoming an attractive alternative.

The extraction of certain types of oils from plants such as the jatropha seed, cotton or corn plants are used for this application. and are used to cater to the various needs including industrial processes. Waste oil heaters are usually cost-effective and efficient products. Waste oil heaters use less fuel than traditional means. Although they use motor oil to operate, Waste oil heaters are a sustainable resource. Engines worldwide use motor oil, and therefore there will be a constant availability of this fuel for use. The abundance of this fuel type in bodies of water, sewers and landfills make this alternate energy source a viable alternative.

If you are looking to buy a waste oil heater, WATTCO can be the right place for you. It is a company which manufactures a wide range of heating elements for commercial as well as industrial uses. WATTCO guarantees incomparable quality products, which makes it the best place to shop for the heating elements. WATTCO provides its customers with an extensive range of products in waste oil heaters which includes Circulation Flange Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Circulation Heaters and Band Heaters.

The waste oil heaters are not only energy efficient, but are also flexible, durable, easy to install, control and maintain. Wattco gives its companies with facilities like customizing heating elements including waste oil heaters. The company promises to match the specifications and match the design of the heater accordingly. Detailed information regarding this can be found on the company's website Wattco.com.

Flanged heaters, which are included in the wide range of waste oil heaters, are easy to install and maintain. Square flange heaters are usually used for industrial applications including storage tanks and boiler systems. This type of waste oil heater is ideal to use in pressure vessels and tanks.

The band heaters are ideally used in high operating temperature industries. These types of waste oil heaters are not only economical but also dependable and flexible. The main advantage is that this kind of waste oil heater distributes the heat in a uniform manner.

Over the side heater, which is another kind of waste oil heater, is usually installed at the top of the vessel. The heating element either runs along the insides of the tank or is placed at the base of the tank. This waste oil heater also leads to even heat distribution within the tank, as it uses the natural convection of the liquid being heated inside the tank.

Lastly, the circulation heaters, which enhances the immersion heaters performance. These are used to heat pressurized liquids and provide controlled heating to oil.

If you are planning to purchase a Waste oil heater for the first time, or are even planning to replace your existing heater, Wattco Company is the perfect place to meet your desired needs and specifications. It even offers you with the customized option of some of the heating elements including waste oil heaters which further enhances the value and benefits of the company.

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