Boiler Water Heaters

Incoloy™, Inconel™ Screw Plug heatersCalled “superalloys,” Incoloy™ and Inconel™ are nickel-based alloys used in applications in which high temperatures are likely to be encountered, such as the heating applications your Screw Plug heater will be subjected to.
Simply put, these two trademark materials, made by Special Metals Corporation, are the top of the line of the heating elements industry. Where other boiler water heater sheath materials might crack or corrode, Incoloy™ and Inconel™ withstand temperatures up to 1,800 degrees and resist the pressures and corrosives that could cause earlier wear and tear on lesser sheath materials 

The nickel Screw Plug heater

Incoloy™/Inconel™ alloys are perfect for severe heating environments. The superalloys in these brands, when heated to extremes, form an oxide layer that protects Screw Plug heaters’ sheaths from damage. Unlike steel and aluminum, they effectively resist deformation, even with powerful corrosives and extreme heat on constant attack. Consider this option for your next Screw Plug heater, especially if steel, stainless steal and regular nickel have failed in the past. Both Incoloy™ and Inconel™ are available as options for WATTCO™ sheaths.

Boiler water heater note

As the above description illustrates, the usefulness of high-quality materials in the construction of products cannot be overestimated. This holds true especially in the selection of a commercial boiler water heater. In 2005, the U.S. Water Polo National Training Center, located in Los Alamedas, Calif., reported a remarkable annual energy savings of $5,000, just by retrofitting the facility with a new, energy-efficient boiler system.

WATTCO’s products are perfect for commercial or industrial use.

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