Sometimes the need for portability or easy removal dictates what kind of design is necessary in an electric immersion heater. That is precisely when a homeowner or HVAC contractor must look for specific product design features: lightweight unit, self-supporting, watertight terminal housing and optional extras like explosion resistance, variable riser heights, custom ratings and specific sheath materials – all features that are in abundant supply at WATTCO™. When through-the-wall units are not practical or possible, come to WATTCO™ for the best options in over the side heaters.

These units are installed at the top of the vessel. The heating element runs down along the side on the inside of the tank or sits at the tank's base. The natural convection of the liquid inside the tank as it is heated creates the circulation and contributes to even heat distribution. And as we have addressed above, the placement of the unit allows for plenty of working room inside the tank as well as easy removal for cleaning or replacement.

Long-life electric immersion heater

Count on WATTCO™ products to give you years of efficient service for all your heating applications from band to over the side heaters. This is especially true of our expertly manufactured electric immersion heater, which features standard 1" conduit openings, side-mounted elements and all the custom options necessary to get the most for your money – now and for years to come.

For upfront and long-term savings on electrical and heating materials, come to WATTCO™ for all commercial, and industrial heating supplies. 


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