• We Give What You Need:

    -Complete With Wiring Diagrams

    -Rib Strength Brackets

    -Automatic Reset Thermal Cutout

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  • Reliable Solution

    -Heavy Guage Corrosion Resistant Frame

    -Three Phase Stages

    -High Temperature Components

    -Universal Mounting for most applications

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  • Complete with:

    -SCR Temperature Controls

    -Overtemp Protection

    -Airflow Switch

    -Disconnect Switches

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  • Explosion Proof Duct Heaters

    -Control Enclosure : NEMA 7 Cast box with hinged cover house controls and element terminals

    -Available in both flanged and slip-in construction

    -Materials can be in Stainless Steel or Titanium frames

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Duct Heaters

The use of electric duct heater has continued to grow. Duct Heaters have been an integral part of HVAC heating industry notably for their clean energy use and ease of maintenance. Duct Heaters have continued to grow in the industrial heating market with contractors and distributors looking for the perfect sized duct heaters for use in both the process heating and construction industry.

The importance of properly designed duct heaters cannot be overstated enough. Construction and process heating industries that use coil or tubular duct heaters to keep or maintain sensitive temperatures also require accurate controls to meet their heating needs.

While there is a large range of duct heaters available in the market, some heaters can be far too complex for use while others may lack the specific make up to be able to withstand certain conditions in the industry. Such issues can often hamper the performance of any business.

To cater your need and to give you a duct heater that is designed according to your requirements, the QA and QC series is often considered. These duct heaters are custom built according to the dimensional designs and power requirements of your system. They come with a number of accessory options and are available in a wide range of sizes, making them an ideal choice for larger operations.

Featured Products

  • Custom Open Coil Duct Heaters

    M Series flip able heaters are designed keeping in mind the rules of symmetry. They are specially designed, developed and tested to make sure they can be mounted in a number of angles offering installation flexibility.

    The UL Listed outdoor heater is fit for outdoors use and have all the specific technical abilities to cater cold environments in commercial buildings.

    The heaters usually come in sizes of up to 120" by 144". They are custom built allowing project managers to highlight the specific requirements that they will want from these customer duct heaters. The remote control panels are also readily available in our product range.

  • Tubular Duct Heaters

    Tubular heaters are efficient and durable heat transferring devices with varying construction, depending on their application. The heater can consist of steel, stainless steel or incoloy elements for higher temperatures. High grade Magnesium oxide (MgO) is used in each element for heat transfer. Precision wound resistance wire is also used as a heat source of the element.

  • Fin Tubular Duct Heaters

    Wet dirty and dusty applications that are not suited for open coil duct heaters require the use of fin tubular elements. Electrical shock hazard can be a factor that can be addressed using fins. Individually replaceable elements can be removed from the terminal box side so the heater does not have to be taken out of the duct. Heavy gauge corrosion resistant frame and terminal box also add rigidity to the unit. High KW densities with automatic resent, linear limit and thermal cutouts are also available.

  • Not avail

    Explosion proof Duct Heaters

    These heaters are designed for use in hazardous areas with explosion-resistant cast aluminum terminal enclosures. Over temperature protection is also available. Sized to fit the duct, they use heavy wall, large diameter finned tubular elements, individually removable for servicing. Tubular and finned designs can provide outlet air temperatures up to 650C (120F) for Industrial heating applications. Applications include petrochemical plants, aircraft hangers & fueling areas, oil drilling rigs, sewage treatment plants, pipeline pumping stations, Paint spray booths, Solvent extraction plants, storage areas for flammable products, labs or testing areas.