Strip heaters, often known as component heaters, are a simple way of using surface area to transfer heat effectively. Steel strip heaters are an excellent industrial heating product and can be easily controlled by using a temperature controller such as a mechanical thermostat or a cost effective bimetal thermostats that can be installed on the surface you are heating. Mounting holes are useful to mount the process heaters securely on almost any surface with terminal extending from the sheath for easy electrical connections. Many users also request lead wires that extend from one end that make the installation more flexible as the temperature control panel is easily adaptable to this configuration.
Temperatures reach as high as 500 degrees F and use the high quality magnesium oxide that is used in tubular elements that allow for effective heat transfer. A fairly inexpensive way of heating surfaces or small areas, strip heaters are an excellent solution to meet any budget.
Strip heaters are composed of a heating element, a protective sleeve or sheath, and mounting hardware. If strip heaters are used as a radiant heater, they have can have fins to maximize surface area and heat transfer to the air. Strip heaters can be clamped or bolted onto objects or solid surface contact heating over large areas and are primarily used in indoor applications.
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  • Mounting Space

    Use insulators if a limited mounting space is ½” longer than the strip heater.
    WATTCO™ strip heater mounting tabs are punched prior to insulator installation.


    Use additional insulators when voltage to ground is over 300V


    WATTCO™ perforated brass bus bar are solid conductors to
    connect several strip heaters in series or parallel.
    For higher current-carrying capacities, all WATTCO™ bus bars can
    be specially configured to meet your requirements.


    For CPS strip heaters:
    • Terminal box is supplied with BX cable fitting
    • Terminal box is mounted in any of the four directions according to your requirements.


    Use heavy-gauge, nickel-plated steel clamps for mounting WATTCO™ strip heaters to large
    surfaces (tank walls, platens, dies).
    Weld, braze or thread threaded 3/8” diameter studs into the work areas.


    Use ceramic post terminal covers for:
    • Heaters with standard 10-32 threaded terminals at both ends
    • Heaters with offset terminals at one end
    Also use ceramic post terminal with insulated wiring in order to be electrical shock proof.

Fin Strip Heater terminals offset
Fin Strip Heater terminals parallel
Fin Strip Heater off set terminals
Strip Heater terminals each end
Strip Heater terminals each end skewed
Strip Heater terminals off set
Strip Heater terminals offset scewed
Strip Heater terminals parallel scewed
Specifications Description
Terminations Type Off set terminations, Parallel terminals, terminal at each end or lead wires available
Insulation Equipped with insulation to reduce heat loss (MgO, Mica, Fiberglass)
Mounting tabs Available mounting tabs with holes, slots or without tabs
Sheath material Available in steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminium or Zinc coated steel
Pressurized Compressed under high pressure for excellent heat transfer
Wattages Available in a wide range of wattages
Custom Designed To meet all your needs



• Surface heating:
    o Dies
    o Molds
    o Tanks
    o Piping

• Process air heating:
    o Ovens
    o Drying cabinets
    o Baking ovens
    o Vacuum dehydrating ovens
    o Moisture protection for motors

• Dropping resistors:
    o Line applications in railroads and load banks

• Winterizing:
    o Hoppers
    o Conveyors
    o Ducts
    o Car heating systems
    o Thawing

• Dehumidifiers
• Space heating
• Packaging and sealing equipment
• Food warming equipment
• Vulcanizing presses
• Drying equipment
• Laboratory equipment
• Air conditioning

Key Features BENEFITS
Equipped with insulation to reduce heat loss
     o Insulation materials:
        • Magnesium oxide
        • Mica
        • Fiberglass
Easy and economical to install
        • Ceramic materials
Easy to control
• Designed with first-class quality materials (high temperature alloy resistance wire)
Available mounting styles for strip heaters:
-Mounting tabs with holes
-Mounting tabs with slots
-Slots or holes without tabs
-Secondary insulating bushings offered for 600V applications
Uniform heat distribution
Special sizes, wattages, and materials available upon request Corrosion resistant and attractive
   (with aluminized steel strip heaters and a stainless steel sheath)
Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminized steel, Zinc-coated steel Suitable for higher temperatures
Available sheath materials: Aluminum, Iron, Compressed under high pressure Vibration resistant    (with compacted semi-vitrified refractory material and rigid sheathed construction)
Available in a wide range of wattages & voltages  Built solid, durable, versatile, and is  CSA, CSA US and UL approved


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