Flanged Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used for providing heat directly to the liquids that result in quick and efficient heating. They are constructed of different heating elements that are welded together into a wide variety of mountings and fittings. Immersion heaters are typically used for high power, large volume equipment, but can also accommodate low power scenarios.

industrial-immersion-heatersFlanged immersion heaters are a special type of immersion heater constructed with hairpin bent tubular heating element welded or brazed into plate or ANSI standard flanges of different sizes and shapes. Plate flange immersion heaters are suitable for small pieces of equipment such as chillers and boilers, while ANSI flange heaters are perfect for high power, high pressure, and large volume industrial applications requirements.

In this article, we will provide in depth detail and technical specifications regarding flanged immersion heaters.

Flanged Immersion Heaters: An Overview

Flanged heaters are extremely strong and provide heat to any steel or stainless steel type. Mounted on their sides, flanged immersion heaters are one of the most popular type of immersion heater. These heaters use the direct heat immersion method that results in quick and efficient heating of the liquid.

Flanged immersion heaters utilize standard pipe flange that ranges from 3” to about 14” in diameter. These pipes help in transferring heat directly to the liquid in high pressure tanks.

Flange Immersion Heater Design & Features

  • Standard 150-pound flanges; 300 and 600 pound flanges are also available.
  • Steel, copper, Incoloy, Inconel, stainless steel, titanium and other heater sheaths custom tailored to application requirements
  • ANSI flange size 3” – 42” flange size
  • Power rating: 1kW to 1MW+
  • Digitally Controlled
  • Integral thermocouples and thermostats allow internal temperature control and monitoring (0-255F), (55-550F)
  • Recompacted elements provide insulations integrity and long life
  • CSA & UL recognized elements to 600VAC assures reliable and safe performance
  • ATEX & CSA certified terminal enclosure available that complies to strict safety standard

Benefits of Flanged Immersion Heaters

Flanged immersion heaters offer various benefits over other types of electric immersion heaters. These heaters utilize different alloys that help resist corrosion and maintain longevity of the heater. Steel flanges are best for heating heavy and light oils, lubricant oils, and mildly corrosive liquids. Moreover, the steel flanges are also suitable for heating soap and detergent solutions, deionized and demineralized water. Stainless steel flanged immersion heaters are suitable for mild to severely corrosive solutions. For extremely corrosive solutions such as salt water, flanged heaters made of exotic alloys like titanium, inconol, and hastalloy are most suitable. These flanged heaters help avoid sheath breach over long durations in extremely corrosive environments. Some of the industries where flanged heaters made of exotic alloys include chemical, military and process industries.

The flanged immersion heaters come with extra wiring boxes with fixed electrical connections. The heaters are usually prefixed into flanges but they can also be welded on matching flanges mounted on a tank wall or nozzle.

Flanged immersion heaters are designed for use in high power, high pressure equipment, and are easier to install as compared to other kinds of heaters. Typical application of flanged immersion heaters includes cleaning tanks, preheating different grades of oil and heat transfer.