Job Title * : Control Panel Builder
Job description :

The Electrical Panel Builder is responsible for building, wiring, and installing all electrical components in Control Panels to drive our customer’s industrial heaters, as well as other equipment. This person must demonstrate ability to read electrical schematics, be well versed in NEC codes, and be capable of running conduit on equipment and machines. Wiring must be neat, orderly, and well-marked. This position requires two years of experience in the layout, assembly, wiring, and testing of control panels from prints

Primary Job Functions

  • Build, wire, and install all electrical components in equipment including drivers, starters, controls, etc.
  • Follow all NEC codes to run conduit on equipment and machines per electrical schematics
  • Ensures safe work practices of equipment are used at all times

Perform custom wiring of electronic panels and assemble components into control cabinets including, but not limited to the following:

  • Wire and assemble electronic control panels for use in control cabinets as detailed in production folder.
  • Pull and assemble required inventory for assigned project
  • Prepare cabinets, includes machining as needed for installation of electronics control panels
  • Read, understand and follow electronic schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Program equipment according to plan and documentation provided including controllers, monitors, detection systems, communication systems, UPS systems, and any other equipment included in the assemblies.
  • Thoroughly test and troubleshoot electronic control panels and sub-assemblies
  • Thoroughly test and troubleshoot fully wired and assembled control cabinets
  • Maintain clean and organized work area
  • Assist co-workers as needed to complete project and assigned tasks
  • Help maintain and organize inventory and parts areas
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.

Education/Learning Experience:

  • Desired Associates Degree in Electrical or Mechanical fields

Work Experience:

  • Desired 2 Years of related experience


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of electricity and electronics
  • Experience with electrical and electronic control panel wiring in a manufacturing environment
  • Strong Mechanical and technical aptitude
  • Strong communication skills in either official language

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Open Date : 01/09/2020

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