Job Title * : Control Panel Technician
Short Description :


  • Assemble and install control panels
  • Perform routine maintenance on electrical wiring and systems
  • Adhere to all quality and safety codes
  • Periodic travel to customer’s site to assist in machine start-up, operator training, maintenance training and machine service.
  • Provide after-sale customer service via telephone, or on-site
Long Description :

-Building and wiring control panels -Read and work from engineering drawings and schematics to determine assembly procedures. -Able to read and interpret blueprints, electrical schematics and or engineering drawings. -Individuals will be responsible for the assembly of control panels, cabinets, and sub-assemblies. -Involves wiring, crimping working with wire harnesses.

Education : 2+ years experience as an electrical technician/wireman/electrician -Previous experience with control panel building
Job description :

We are an international manufacturer of electric control panels for over 40 years. Our company is currently seeking an assembler of control panels. The candidate will be reading blueprints and assembling panels with PLCs, SCRs, controllers, contactors, relays and other components into custom designed terminal boxes.

Requirements :

Experience with SCRs, PLCs, contactors, relays, and other related components. Benefits/Perks

  • Salary, bonus, health and dental insurance
Experienced : Minimum of 3 years' related working experience in the manufacturing of control panels. Candidates interested in career advancement are welcomed.
Job Type * : Permanent
Open Date : 02/04/2020
Travel Required * : 5%

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