Finned Tubular Heaters

Any water heating element professionals need

Flanged, finned, electric immersion heaters … whatever the job requires, WATTCO™ can get the professional up and running with a complete line of products – from Screw Plug to duct to over the side heaters – for any commercial or industrial project.

We strive to go the extra mile to manufacture finned tubular heaters and other water heating element designs that work when and how they are supposed to function. High-quality products that work perfectly make our customers look good to their customers. We offer smart choices in square flange heaters and other elements.

Get systems up and running with an energy-efficient water heating element and keep the whole system working smoothly and efficiently with a WATTCO™ mechanical thermostat. Browse our user-friendly pages for more information on the unit that fits your current project.


Over-the-top over the side heaters

Quality may be No. 1 at WATTCO™, but versatility must surely run a close second. We are proud to offer this feature in our over the side heaters. In addition to the obvious use, these elements are ideal for oils, acids, waxes, solvents and even salts.


Finned tubular heaters

No HVAC professional could operate for long without reliable, durable elements in his plans. Browse our finned tubular heaters for detailed information about the construction and special features of these quality WATTCO™ units. We offer a broad selection of HVAC-related products for professionals in commercial and industrial fields.

Square flange heaters and more

Even the biggest industrial uses are no match for WATTCO™. Whether building plans call for the efficiency of a flanged heater such as our open coil element, count on us to manufacture a product that not only precisely meets commercial needs but exceeds the strictest quality standards as well.

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