Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber heaters from WATTCO™ are composed of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubbers that are moisture and chemical resistant. Thin and flexible, silicone rubber heater elements are designed to meet the requirements of various low and medium temperature applications that require irregular shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Silicone heaters are known for their unique and flexible properties and can withstand mechanical shock and vibration. Silicone heaters have unique qualities such as a high dielectric strength, non-toxicity, and flame retardance. Silicone heaters consist of two “wafers” of silicone with a heating resistor sandwiched in between. Thermostat controls are options that are used to help reach your target temperature. Teflon lead wires exit any location of your choosing and are offered at any length you require. Perfect for applications that require direct heat such as surfaces, barrels, conical shapes as well as in cylinders and small areas where traditional electric heating elements cannot fit. Adhesive backing is also available to help with fixation. Silicone heaters are used in applications requiring temperatures upwards of 450 degrees F such as freeze protection of electrical enclosures. Get a quote on a silicone rubber heater today. WATTCO also manufactures other industrial heating products such as infrared heaters, control panels, circulation heaters and more. Click here to view all of our products


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  • Options
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

    Also called PSA, is the simplest mounting method. Just peel the protective paper from the back of the heater and stick it to your surface. PSA is rated to a continuous temperature of 300°F and intermittent usage up to 400°F. PSA is only recommended for flat surfaces and should be used within 6 months of manufacture.

  • Field applied adhesive

    Field applied adhesive is more difficult to apply than PSA, but if done properly produces a superior bond. Wattco can supply a room temperature curing RTV rated to 400 deg F. After applying a thin film between the heater and the surface, a roller should used to remove all air bubbles, then allowed to cure for 24 hours.

  • Boot hooks and lace

    Boot hooks and lace are the most common mechanical mounting method. Boot hooks are usually positioned 1.25”-2” apart along the length of the heater. The high temperature lace (1000°F) locks the heater in place similar to lacing a boot.

  • D rings

    D rings are a solid wire formed in the shape of a D. They are best suited for medium to large heaters. A strap vulcanized to the heater is looped through the rings.

  • Springs and grommets

    Springs and grommets are spaced about 2” apart. Each end of the spring is attached to a grommet securing it to the cylinder.

  • Snap fasteners

    Snap fasteners are normally only used on heaters with sponge insulation.

  • High temperature rubber rings

    High temperature rubber rings are used in conjunction with grommets and maintain tension as the cylinder expands and contracts. They are rated to 300°F.

  • Velcro

    Velcro is a simple way to fasten heaters. It is rated to 200°F.

Voltage  12V to 600V, AC or DC 
Length  1″ to 120″ 
Width  1″ to 36″ 
Thickness  0.056″ standard, other thicknesses available 
Lead Wire  22 ga. Teflon, (other types available) 
Operating Temperature  -70° to 450° F 
Wattage Tolerance  +5, -10%




Drum Heaters

Electrical boxes

Small enclosures for freeze protection



  • Silicone rubber sheets
  • Fiberglass grid to reinforce the silicone rubber sheets
  • Uniform spiraled resistance wire web to cover heater
  • Thin layer of aluminum for heaters with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • Maximum size: 38” x 98”
  • Thickness: 0.060” (1/8’’ or 1/16’’)
  • Maximum temperature: 450°F
  • Maximum voltage: 480 VAC
  • Wattage: +5/-10%
  • Regular lead wire: 12” Teflon insulated
  • Dielectric strength: 1000 VAC
  • PSA back or thermostat available
  • Ideal for temperatures below 500°F


  • Quick heat transfer
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Thin
  • Flexible
  • Solidly built
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Can be mounted with a built in thermostat