Assemblers – Montreal (3 positions)

    WATTCO is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products of outstanding quality for industries around the world. Job Description: To construct, assemble, and wire various electrical heating devices, most notably screw plugs and tubular elements. The assembler will be instructed on correct shop procedures to perform his/her tasks. Tasks include, but are not limited to:

    • Bending, flattening, and terminating elements.
    • Drilling the plugs or flanges.
    • Testing the dielectric strength of elements.
    • Assembling components.
    • Pressure testing components (after they have been welded by our welding department).
    • Wiring devices according to specification.
    Open Date : 10/06/2020
    Control Panel Builder
    Open Date : 10/06/2020
    Control Panel Technician


    • Assemble and install control panels
    • Perform routine maintenance on electrical wiring and systems
    • Adhere to all quality and safety codes
    • Periodic travel to customer’s site to assist in machine start-up, operator training, maintenance training and machine service.
    • Provide after-sale customer service via telephone, or on-site
    Open Date : 07/07/2020
    Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
    Open Date : 10/06/2020
    Production Manager

    WATTCO is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products of outstanding quality for industries around the world.

    The main role of a Production Manager is to oversee the manufacturing process within a company and to ensure that production lines run without any problems and minimum downtime. Working together with supervisors and top management, they also ensure that products are manufactured to a certain quality standard and adheres to other safety/industry-related regulations.

    • In charge of Production (Welding, Assembly, Tubing & Control Panel departments), Purchasing, Inventory, Logistics, Shipping, & Q&A departments
    • Develop, implement and improve production procedures and work flow
    • Analyze and monitor production processes to ensure cost effectiveness
    • Supervise the team on HR aspects (working hours, vacation).
    • Establish quality standards and quality control programs for each sub-department (Welding, Assembly)
    • Determine strategies, set goals, create and implement actions plans, and evaluate the process and results.
    • Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details, data, information and activities for each sub-department
    • Anticipate future projects and production goals aligned with company expectation
    • Assist in production kick-off meetings as well as drawing up a production schedule
    • Ensure products are produced on time and are of good quality;
    • Draft a timescale for the jobs to be produced;
    • Estimate costs and settle quality standards;
    • Monitor production processes and adjust schedules as needed;
    • Lead and supervise production team including autonomous conflict resolutions
    • Performance evaluations
    • Train and support team members
    Open Date : 09/15/2020
    Sales Manager – Energy Division

    Wattco Inc is the market leader in providing fully integrated electric heating systems and controls. We lead the electric heating industry due to our unmatched distribution network’s ability to deliver the knowledge, service, training and support that are essential to long-term performance. Our customers will tell you that we’re the only equipment provider that manufactures immersion heaters, controls, and a full array of ancillary and aftermarket products. They’ll also mention that our unique single-source capability means that we can deliver fully integrated skid system solutions that reduce overall costs and optimize space. It is our focus on products that deliver the most efficient, reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable solutions that differentiate us in the marketplace. WATTCO continues a 50+ year legacy of providing the customers we serve with extraordinary products designed to deliver unsurpassed performance through the power of commitment.

    You are a solution-driven, task and result-oriented person with a strong customer first mindset.  

    You should be able to:

    • Grow Equipment HX business in Europe (HVAC, Refrigeration, Light Industries), handling complete sales process from design/sizing, proposal/tender, technical & commercial clarification/negotiation till order received. ·      
    • Act as spotter and local coordinator for Process HX business and Separation business in Europe, quotations and negotiation supports will be from regional Process HX and Separation teams.
    Open Date : 03/05/2019
    Senior Process Engineer

    Be part of a team that is tackling exciting new thermal applications. As a WATTCO employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world using electric heating process elements for industrial applications.

    WATTCO is a clean energy technology company with projects in Oil & Gas, Chemical, HVAC, Military and Food grade applications.

    We are looking for a Process Engineer to design, develop and research applications using electric heating elements.

    As a team member you will work in a safety-first environment while enjoying competitive benefits, supportive co-workers, and interesting challenges to solve. You will grow through challenging work with diverse, talented people and by finding endless opportunities to learn and engage.

    Open Date : 10/20/2020
    Welder / Assembler

    Work location: 55, Milton Avenue, Lachine QC H8R 1K6 Canada

    Be part of a Welded Team !

    Recognized as the world leading manufacturer of electric heating elements and controls, WATTCO manufactures complex products for customers in the military, HVAC, Chemical, Oil & Gas, as well as new and emerging markets. WATTCO has state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities, and welding equipment of the latest generation in Montreal

    Open Date : 10/06/2020

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