Flange Heaters for Waste Oil Applications

    Less waste = more revenue. Waste is a major industrial expense, it results in getting less use out of high-cost products as well as increasing disposal costs. Wasteful processes drive up the costs of operation, reducing your bottom line. Oil, for instance, affects most major industries. From automobile engines to industrial lubricating oils, there is […]

    Low-Density Heaters For Bitumen Processing

    The density of a heater refers to the wattage per square inch (W/in2). The lower the density, the lower the wattage per in2. Heavy oils require a lower watt density for proper heating. Bitumen processing is especially reliant on low-density heaters. Bitumen is classified as an “extra-heavy oil” with an API gravity below 10°.  A […]

    Advantages of Preheating Crude Oil With Electric Flanged Heaters

    Crude oil refining is one of the most complex chemical processes in the petrochemical industry. As such, it requires sophisticated equipment for accuracy and efficiency. Oil is a diverse substance that we use for everything from vehicle fuel to roofing shingles. No matter what the final use, it all starts as crude oil. Crude oil […]

    Over-The-Side Heaters for Industrial Chemical Heating

    Over-the-side (OTS) heaters are the most popular type of industrial heater. They can directly address the core challenges of chemical heating: Uniform Heat Distribution Accurate Temperature Safety Simplicity 1. Uniform Heat Distribution Uniformity in heating is essential for maintaining the viability and quality of chemical mediums. Over-the-side heaters are particularly good at providing uniform heat […]

    Immersion Heater Products & Design Considerations

    “As slow as molasses in January” is a classic Americanism. It references the agonizing slowness found in government, management, and even molasses. Many industries rely on the flow of viscous fluids. The proper application of immersion heating dramatically enhances the behavior of process fluids. This is as true in a trans-Alaskan oil pipeline as in […]

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