Heat Conduction Boundary Conditions

    When solving the differential equation governing heat conduction in a body, it is necessary to apply boundary conditions at the edge of the analysis domain to obtain a solution.  The three common boundary conditions are: (1) constant temperature (2) constant heat flux (3) convection  Constant temperature Boundary Conditions For the constant temperature boundary condition, the […]

    Applications & Advantages of Molten Salt in Heating Systems

    Molten salts are melted minerals used in various heating applications. Nitrate salts are the most common, although bromides, chlorides, fluorides, and even organic salts are used for this purpose. They are capable of operating under versatile temperatures and conditions, making them ideal for many heating applications. This article examines the key advantages and applications of […]

    Over-the-Side Heater Applications & Advantages

    Over-the-side, or OTS, heaters are one of the most versatile industrial heaters. Although they are typically limited to open tanks they are capable of performing many tasks and can be used in a variety of unique ways. For the right project, over-the-side heaters can be your best option. This article explores some of the core […]

    Heating Considerations for Cold Climate Operations

    As summer comes to a close, cold climate operations need to prepare for the coming water. Colder climates present challenges for projects across all sorts of industries. Preparing for the upcoming challenges now decreases the impact and costs of their impact. Passive Freeze Protection From pipelines to storage tanks, freeze prevention is an important consideration […]

    Molten Salt as Heat Transfer Fluid

    Thermal fluid systems use all sorts of transfer fluids to provide heat. The heat transfer fluid is heated by a circulation heater and flows to the end target, heating it in turn. Because the end target does not directly contact the heater it is capable of precise heating and prevents damage from contact. The type […]

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