Hot Oil Heating vs Steam Boiler Systems for Tank Heating

    There is a big increase in demand for electric circulation heaters. Yet, for tank heaters, steam boilers are still more commonly used than hot oil systems. Is steam heating better, or is the industry slow to adapt? This article compares thermal fluid systems with steam boilers for tank heating. Performance In terms of performance, hot […]

    Selecting Immersion Heaters for Curing Cement

    Cement is essential to infrastructure. As far back as 700 BC, people were building kilns to prepare cement for homes, flooring, and cisterns. Today, we still use cement heavily in the construction industry. But our heating technology is far more sophisticated. Modern cement is made stronger and more durable through a curing process that uses […]

    Retrofitting Equipment With Electric Immersion Heaters: A Guide

    Electric power is in high demand for industrial heating. It’s more efficient and cost-effective than fossil fuel heaters. When buying new immersion heaters, companies are turning to electric. But if systems and processes are already in place, replacing the heater can be an expensive option. Often, it’s less expensive to retrofit than to replace. Some […]

    Tank Heating Considerations for Bitumen Applications

    Bitumen is a naturally occurring product that forms the basis of most modern infrastructure. From the walls of Babylon to today’s roads and highways, our society relies heavily on bitumen. For most uses, bitumen needs to be transformed from its natural state to be useful. Heating is an essential aspect for most of its applications. […]

    Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Immersion Heater

    A Quick Refresher on When to Replace an Industrial Heater Electric immersion heaters are designed for long-lasting performance. But there comes a point in every heater’s lifespan where it needs to be replaced. We take a look at the signs and symptoms that indicate it’s time to replace your immersion heater. Signs & Symptoms Once […]

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