4 Types of Pressure Vessels Based on Industrial Use

    Pressure vessels are integral components in many industries, as they are designed to hold liquids and gases that produce various products and solutions we consume. But different pressure vessels accomplish different things, making it crucial for industrialists to select the right pressure vessels for their industrial applications. This post will highlight four types of pressure […]

    5 Design Factors that Determine Heater Element Efficacy

    When choosing a heater element, emphasis should be placed on the element’s efficiency above all else. Various factors can determine a heating element’s effectiveness, but they can easily be overlooked. This post will examine key design factors that influence the efficacy of heater elements and weigh them into your purchasing decision.  Electrical resistance  Heating elements […]

    5 Common Industrial Uses for Circulation Heaters

    Circulation heaters receive much praise in the industrial world for their ability to service many liquid heating applications. Certain sectors use these loop heating systems more frequently than others, but the range of settings in which circulation heaters can work is extensive. This post will build off a previous Wattco post and highlight some of […]

    How to Choose an Over-the-Side Heater for Your Industry

    Plant managers in many industries choose over-the-side (OTS) heaters when they need a budget-friendly and compact solution for industrial heating in tight spaces. Although these mobile heaters can suit numerous applications, industrialists still need to consider some factors to determine how an OTS heater will best serve them. This post will examine some purchase considerations […]

    The Potential of Hydrogen for Industrial Applications

    The use of hydrogen isn’t yet ubiquitous in the industrial world, but it has an extensive history; it’s not new. A wide range of industrial sectors use hydrogen to power their industrial processes. For some, the question is why hydrogen hasn’t become mainstream globally, and, more importantly, how practical is it for modern applications in […]

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