Electric Heaters for Plastics Processing

    Plastics are an all but inevitable part of our lives. From alarm clocks and coffee cups to the cars we drove in with, most of us have had nonstop interactions with plastic between waking up and just getting into the office. The plastics industry is a major component of everyday life. Plastics processing methods are […]

    Drywell Immersion Heaters in the Mining Industry

    Mines are getting deeper and are working with more complex ores and materials. Add in rising energy costs, a greater need for efficiency, and increased public pressure on environmental impact and the industry is in severe need of adopting technological advances. Electric heaters, and drywell immersion heaters in particular, are helping the mining industry overcome […]

    Improving Solar Battery Performance With Electric Heaters

    No longer a dream of the future, the world is transitioning to renewable energy sources today. One of the most promising and easily adopted renewable options is solar batteries. Solar heating devices go back at least as far back as 1891 with Clarence Kemp’s invention of the solar water heater.  Since the 19th Century, methods […]

    Welding Techniques for Industrial Heaters

    Welding is at central to the equipment and systems of every major industry and process. Without welding, industries such as mining and refineries would be missing vital tools needed in day-to-day operations such as industrial heaters. Welding may be a necessity for major industries to function, however, if welding is practiced incorrectly the results could […]

    Heat Exchanger Configurations

    Heat exchangers come in what sometimes seems like an infinite variety of configurations to fit the limitless number of heat transfer situations.  Other names include enhanced surfaces, heat sinks, heat dissipators, heat concentrators, and many more. Even restricting our attention to fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers, there is an enormous number of different configurations.   Many fluid-to-fluid heat […]

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