Motor Controllers

    Every electric motor, regardless of its size or purpose, requires some sort of controlling mechanism. Motors come in a large variety of sizes and applications. Simple motors are found in home appliances such as hairdryers in the bathroom, juicers in the kitchen, and drills in the garage. These appliances require simple controllers, often just an […]

    Over-The-Side Heater Installation Types

    Over-the-side heaters are versatile heating systems, offering convenient, reliable heating for a variety of applications. They are used in important processes including degreasing tanks, parts cleaning, heat transfer fluids, and plating tanks. OTS heaters are extremely customizable, allowing them to match different sizes and shapes of tanks. As well as making them appropriate for several […]

    Tank Heaters for Shale Gas Storage

    The shale boom in the USA has hit peak productivity. While Americans enjoy the benefits of plentiful, cheap gas, producers face new challenges. Namely, there is an increased need for shale gas storage due to the vast quantities produced. To maintain the quality and usability of stored gas, careful temperature maintenance is essential. Producers require […]

    Warning Signs to Look for During Heating System Maintenance

    Proactive heater maintenance is the key to getting the best performance and value out of your industrial heating system. Taking advantage of regularly scheduled maintenance saves you money, increases safety, and maximizes the operational efficiency of your heater. Increase the longevity of your equipment Improve safety & reduce risks Increase efficiency Repair small problems before […]

    Oil Water Separation Using Heating Elements

    Oil/water separation is an important process in the production of oil and gas. It is especially necessary where fracking methods are employed. A major component of downstream refining processes, separating the oil and water from other fluids makes it possible to refine crude oil and purify natural gases. As well, this separation is required to […]

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