The Importance of Accurate Temperature Control

    Many industrial settings will suffer extreme consequences when temperature controls fail. There are certain risks of inaccurate temperature control, but there are ways AI technology can provide better, more reliable solutions for industrial settings. How temperature controls can fail Without AI technology to help manage temperature control panels, it’s impossible for humans to constantly be […]

    Heat Trace Versus Immersion Heating

    When it comes to heating systems, not every project will benefit from the same method. Considering applications, implications, environments, materials, budgets, and more, there are certain times to use heat trace and certain times to use immersion heating. Heat trace might not be as well-known as immersion heaters, so this article will break down heat […]

    Heating Elements for Different Industrial Applications

    Looking for some practical advice for heating elements? We’ll break down how industrial operators can select the right type of heating element for their specific application. Get a better understanding of how factors such as temperature range, chemical compatibility, and durability affect the type of heating element needed for the project. Industrial applications that require […]

    The Future of Electric Heating: Trends and Innovations

    There are always innovations to make industrial heating more applicable and manageable. Wattco is one of the branches leading the way into the future of electric heating with new products that offer greater efficiency and reliability. Where did electric heating start? In the late 1800s, Alexander Graham Bell invented the electric heater. It was a […]

    Maximize Energy Efficiency with Industrial Heating Solutions

    Get to know the latest trends in energy-efficient heating solutions, such as infrared heating, applications, and how Wattco’s products can help industrial companies reduce their energy consumption and save money. Get on board the wave of energy efficiency and see the benefits it offers. The perks of being energy efficient Many areas in industrial heating […]

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