What is a Thermocouple, Types of Thermocouples, and What does it do?

    A thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor made of two wires or alloys of different metals that are linked at one end to form a measuring junction. It produces a voltage proportional to the temperature difference between the measurement junction and a reference junction (often at a known temperature) when subjected to a temperature […]

    Thermistor vs Thermocouple: A Detailed Comparison

    What is a Thermistor? A Thermistor is a sort of electrical component or resistor that demonstrates a noticeable change in resistance with temperature variations. The terms “thermal” and “resistor” are combined to form the name “thermistor”. Thermistors have been designed to have a highly predictable and nonlinear resistance-temperature characteristic, making them useful in various applications […]


    Induction heating is a safe, non-contact, and meticulous process for heating electrically-conductive materials like steel, graphite, copper, brass, silver, gold, aluminium, and carbide. It involves a complex amalgamation of electromagnetic energy and heat transfer through an induction coil, melting down materials and creating an electromagnetic field. This process is used for various applications, including hardening, […]

    What is a Thermistor, How it Works, and What Does it Do?

    A thermistor can be defined as a semiconductor that contains lower resistance material than conducting material and a resistor that reacts to temperature. The word “thermistor” comes from two words: “ thermal “  and “ resistor ”. Hence, it refers to thermally sensitive resistors that are truly accurate and effective sensors for measuring temperature. It’s […]

    Bitumen Recovery

    For about forty years now, electrical heaters have been used in the petroleum industry. They are often used to assist in recovering crude oil from petroleum deposits, as well as to heat that oil during the refinement process, and to assist in the transportation of refined petroleum products. When used in petroleum recovery, electric heaters […]

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