5 Benefits of Industrial Infrared Heating

    While convection and conduction heating are staples in many industries, radiation heating is less ubiquitous. However, radiation heating—namely, infrared heating—has its advantages when used for industrial applications and should not be overlooked.  Lower energy consumption Infrared radiant heaters are energy efficient because they transfer energy directly to their target medium. With no hindrances between the […]

    How Screwplug Heaters Prevent Degradation of Heat Transfer Oils

    Thermal degradation is kryptonite for heat transfer applications. It can lead to production complications and safety concerns, making it imperative to prevent thermal degradation altogether. Maintaining thermal stability requires balanced temperature controls, which is possible through control panels and a screwplug heater. But how?  What is thermal degradation of oil?  Thermal degradation occurs when oil […]

    Prevent Oil From Freezing With an Over-the-Side Heater

    When oil freezes, it creates a damaging and potentially destructive scenario for process engineers. Salvaging frozen oil isn’t feasible, and the cost of waiting for it to thaw is high. These realities make frozen oil a problem that’s better to prevent than “cure.” Fortunately, a combination of freeze protection protocols and an over-the-side (OTS) heater […]

    How Tubular Heating Elements Maximize Heat Transfer in Food Processing

    From the dawn of human civilization to our modern era, heat has played a vital role in making food safe and savory. Effective heating has always been essential, whether using fire to cook raw game or industrial ovens to process and package food.  Efficient heat transfer ensures that our food is subjected to precise temperatures […]

    The Advantages of Tubular Heating Elements in Explosion-Proof Heaters

    Explosion-proof heaters are potentially life-saving equipment for industrial settings threatened by fire hazards. But for these heaters to function as required, they need heating elements that provide sufficient power without overheating. Enter tubular heating elements. These components can service explosion-proof heaters in this regard, and this post will examine how they can do so.  Explosion-proof […]

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