Industrial Uses of Process Steam

    Cost-effective and efficient, process steam has excellent heat transfer capabilities with low toxicity. As a result, steam is widely used in industrial processes, manufacturing, and heating. The use of electric process steam heaters maximizes steam’s inherent efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This article discusses steam generation and common industrial uses of process steam. Steam Generation Depending on […]

    Direct Steam Injection Heaters

    Direct steam injection heaters are used for heating water and water-based fluids. Steam bubbles are injected directly into the target fluid with a nozzle or diffuser. The steam bubbles transfer heat energy to the fluid. Just as direct heaters are the most efficient heating method, direct steam injection (DSI) is immensely efficient. Because the steam […]

    Advantages of Process Steam in the Manufacturing Industry

    Process steam heaters generate steam for many manufacturing applications. Sanitizing pharmaceutical equipment, reducing the weight of building materials, and preserving food products all use process steam. Although steam is not the only way to achieve many of these results, it is generally a more cost, time, and energy-efficient method. Steam heaters can create different types […]

    Applying Electric Heaters in Steam Recovery Systems

    Recovery systems are essential for achieving emissions goals and reducing operational costs. Electric heaters in carbon capturing systems, for instance, allow for the recovery and capture of carbon as it is being produced. The carbon is then stored to prevent it from entering the atmosphere and then reused as energy. This reduces emissions from the […]

    Applications of Electric Heaters in Carbon Capturing

    “CCS (Carbon capture and storage) is a necessity, not an option, for reaching net-zero emissions.” 2019, Committee on Climate Change   Industrial producers and manufacturers are taking ownership of their role in the climate change crisis. The strategies and equipment they use directly affect sustainability and the environment. Industry leaders are already taking steps to […]

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