Open Coil Duct Heaters

The use of heaters has continued to grow. Duct Heaters have been an integral part of the heater industry garnering considerable revenue from their sales. Duct Heaters have continued to rule the industrial heating market with people looking for the perfect sized duct heaters for use. The importance of the perfect size and specification in a duct heater cannot be overstated enough. A number of industries that use duct heaters to keep the temperature high, etc. want to use a duct heater designed according to their needs. While there is a large range of duct heaters available in the market in varying prices, some heaters can be far too complex for use while others may lack the specific make up to be able to withstand the conditions of work in the industry. Such issues can often hamper the performance of any business. To cater your need and to give you a duct heater that is designed according to your wants, we give you the QA and QC series. These heaters are custom built duct heaters that will be made keeping in mind the specifications of your industry. They come with a number of accessory options and are usually larger in size, making them an ideal choice for larger manufacturing firms, etc. Wattco Reversable heaters are designed keeping in mind the rules of symmetry. To make sure that the duct heaters comply with the laws of symmetry, they are specially designed, developed and tested to make sure they can be mounted in a number of situations without affecting their performance. The key to the use of these Duct heaters is to make sure they are kept maintained, as long as they are maintained, Wattco Reversable Duct heaters can be mounted in four different positions, each of which is likely to experience similar performance from the heater. Owing to their greater functionality and ease of use in terms of mounting capabilities Wattco Reversable Duct heaters can be used in a number of industries and commercial activities. Singular Open Coil Duct heaters are designed to produce at least 22.5 KW per square foot area. One of the advantages of open coil heaters is that a number of similar heaters can be attached with one another to accommodate large duct size. The only thing to make sure is that the duct heaters being used have similar voltage needs.


The custom built heaters offer their buyers a number of options to add to their heaters besides the one that have already been mentioned above as part of the specifications. They are:
  • Normal supply voltages that range from 120 to 600
  • Balanced staging (however this could change if specified)
  • Bottom, slip in and flanged mount
  • Recessed control box
  • Has the option of a Gasketed cover
  • Terminals made of Stainless Steel
  • A right hand offset control box
  • Single or three phase
  • Slip in, flange, or custom designs available
  • Staging (balanced, unless otherwise specified)
  • Disconnecting contactors
  • Vapor barrier
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Gasket cover
  • Derated Coils
  • Standard control voltages, 24-277
  • Offset control box
  • 80/20 (Ni/Cr) resistance wire


At Wattco, we have a dedicated team of experts ready to provide you with the answers and assistance you need. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for technical specifications or in maintenance inquiring about our products, our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to help. 

  • The duct heater can come with a fan interlock
  • The power terminal board is an added feature of the QA and QC series
  • Per stage the duct heaters have disconnecting magnetic controls fitted in per stage or there can also be 48 amp circuits added after each stage
  • It is also attached with a control terminal board to help in the efficient controlling of the heater.
  • There is a left hand offset control box
  • It comes with grounding lugs
  • The duct heaters are fitted with automatic limit switches to allow for primary temperature protection.
  • For secondary temperature protection the manual reset switches have been added.

If you want to increase the efficiency and functionality of your business with the perfect custom build duct heating solution for your industry, contact us at the given details below and make sure you have the duct heater your industry needs.

  • These duct heaters are commonly used for primary heating purposes.
  • Their size can typically range from a small 6″ by 6″ to a huge 144″ by 96″ with their energy requirements reaching a peak of 1000 KW.
  • They can also be used in supplemental heating applications.
  • Other uses of the large custom built duct heaters include being used in Auxiliary Heating.
  • Reheating is another application that the QA and QC series Duct heaters are used for.
  • Their specifications mean that they can also be used for Variable Air and Multizone heating.
  • Space heating is another common application of these heaters.