Tubular Heaters

Tubular heating elements from WATTCO™ are the most versatile and the best-suited industrial heating solution for a large number of applications. Tubular elements from WATTCO™ are factory-configured to almost any shape or size. Custom bending diameters can be made upon request and we can manufacture a variety of industrial heating solutions such as flanged tubular heaters. Tubular heaters are typically made using steel, stainless steel, Incoloy, inconel or titanium alloys. Tubular elements are often regarded as the foundation of all heating elements. These heating elements have a strong outer sheath to help protect the process heater from physical stress and uses high quality alloys to allow efficient heat transfer from resistance coil to your heating medium.
Depending on their rating, sheath and shape, WATTCO™ electric tubular heaters are used in a variety of industrial heating applications (conduction, convection, radiation heating) that require process temperatures of up to 750°C (1 382°F) to heat liquids, gases and solids. A variety of diameters are available to adjust watt densities in your application and to design your industrial heating product for best performance and long life. Standard and custom made terminal pins allow for easy installation and maintenance. Wattco uses high quality magnesium oxide to allow for efficient heat transfer from resistive coil to your heating medium whether it is air, liquid or solid. Bending radiuses are designed with careful expertise to allow for optimal performance when meeting “form fit and function” within your application.
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  • Options
  • Humidity

    Silicone seals to ensure moisture resistance in humid environments.

  • Cold Section

    Custom made cold sections are available.

  • Flexability

    Great flexibility to meet application needs

  • Density

    Watt Densities of up to 120 WPSI available

  • Sheath Wall Thickness

    Thicker sheath wall are available for intensive applications

  • Standard diameters: 0.260 inch , 0.315 inch , 0.375 inch , 0.430 inch , 0.475 and 0.625 inch diameters
  •  Available in a broad variety of sheaths, diameters, and ratings
  • Supplied with electrically insulated sheath
  • Provide superior internal electrical insulation and heat conductivity
  • CSA, CSA US & UL approved
Material Application
Copper Water, Oil, Grease
Steel Alkaline cleaning solutions, Tars, Asphalt or air heating
Stainless Steel Corrosive liquids, food processing equipment, Raidant heating
Incoloy Cleaning and degreasing solutions, Corrosive liquids
Inconel Plating and pickling solutions, acid
Titanium Corrosive liquids




  •  Brazed, crimped or welded to the element’s cold section.
  • Used as a tight joint to the heater, which is fixed in open tanks or vessels.
  • Supplied in brass, steel, or stainless steel.
  • Easy to install
  • Configurable to virtually any shape
  • Compact size
  • Precise and easy control of heat output
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to replace thus eliminating long shut-down periods

  • Available in nickel-plated brass for field installation on elements of 0.375”, 0.430”, 0.475” elements diameter.
FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED Please consider the following factors to select the ideal WATTCO™ tubular elements/tubular heating elements for your application:

  • Heating element watt density
  • Sheath material (corrosive or non corrosive)
    • Temperature of the product
    • Degree of aeration of the application
    • Air velocity within your application
    • Ambient temperature
Moisture resistant terminal boxes are:

  • Factory installed
  • Special requests can be made to have holes predrilled into the terminal boxes. This can provide easier tubular  installation on site.
  • Elements can require fittings to connect to the terminal box.

  • The two-piece stainless steel clamps shown to the right can serve as element standoffs in ovens or tanks.
  • Use half of the clamp with a stud welded to the tank or plate to suit clamp-on applications.
  • Available “C” dimensions: 1 1/4″, 1 7/16″, 1 5/8″ and 1 15/16″.

  • WATTCO™ can crimp standard mounting brackets to elements to help with installation.
  • Special brackets can be configured on to your elements.