How To Get An Immersion Heater Quote That Suits Your Needs

      An Informal Discussion on How to Get the Right Quote Selecting the right immersion heater is important. You need the right equipment to keep your operation efficient and profitable for years to come. Since each application is a little different, what’s right for one quote doesn’t always suit your needs. At Wattco, our immersion […]

    Electric Pipe Heaters in the Asphalt Industry

    Pipe heaters are designed to fit inside of a pipe, making it possible to provide heat where other heaters cannot. They provide indirect heating and make it possible to remove for repair, cleaning or maintenance without having to drain the tanks where they are used. Pipe heaters are most often used for heating: Waxes High […]

    Importance of Load Banks in the Changing Energy Industry

    Load banks serve to manage and shed power overloads from energy generating processes. They are especially useful in the renewable energy sector. What are Load Banks Used For? Load banks are used to relieve an overload of power. One of the most common uses of load banks is with electricity-generating windmills. Advancements in technology have […]

    Secrets For Improving Electric Immersion Heater Lifespan

    Immersion heaters are the beating heart of all sorts of industrial processes. As such, your heater is an important investment. Learn how to protect that investment with Wattco’s inside secrets on improving electric heater lifespans. Electric immersion heaters are already built to last. They have simpler designs than fossil fuel heaters and avoid the wear […]

    Electric Heaters For Steam Pressure Systems

    Steam pressure systems are essential in the food and beverage industry, as well as any precision manufacturing process. They rely on heaters to achieve and maintain high enough temperature to sanitize components and remove dirt, grime and milling residue. Each year, more companies are making the switch to electric heaters for their steam pressure systems. […]

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