Circulation Heaters for CIP Systems

    Clean-in-place systems are optimal for cleaning the interiors of pipes, tanks, and equipment in closed systems. This process uses circulation heaters to apply temperature and flow in a series of rinses and washes that pump fluid throughout the system.  The CIP approach removes residue, contaminants, and debris without disassembling the system’s components or exposing personnel […]

    Electric heating – Challenges Facing the Industry

    Professor Alina Adriana Minea, Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi Bd. D. Mangeron no.63, Iasi, 700050, Romania E-mail: [email protected]   Due to the numerous advantages of electric heating, it is used extensively in industry despite the higher price of energy if compared with combustion. Of course, there is always a balance in using combustion or […]

    Iron Flow Battery technology and its role in Energy Storage

    Energy storage is a hot topic of discussion in the utilities sector and alternative energy generation because it is crucial to support grid electrical supply, transmission, and distribution systems. For our utilities provider, regulators, and grid operators, that means a more resilient and reliable way to feed the grid during the peak power demand period, […]

    Types of Steam in Process Heating Applications

    The thermal energy transfer capabilities of steam make it an ideal solution for all sorts of process heating applications. We use them in everything from sanitization in the labs that created the COIVD vaccines to power generation in the plants that provide energy to homes and businesses. While steam is widely applicable, you can’t just […]

    Enclosure Heaters 101

    Enclosure heaters and cabinets protect heating systems and equipment. Ordinary enclosures offer suitable protection from physical damage and elemental damage such as condensation. Hazardous area enclosures mitigate hazards from specific hazards in harsh environments or explosion risks. In addition to protecting the heater and increasing its durability, enclosure heaters can also improve safety for people […]

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