Water Application Documentation

Water temperature is often one of the major considerations for many industrial applications, for example, water heating, cooling tower, water treatment process, commercial food equipment, etc. In order to make the desire product with the highest quality and yield, maintaining the desired operation temperature is essential. Water immersion heaters are widely used for many work application not only because they are easy to operate but they also provide high and efficient heating performance. For example, heat supply is required for residential hot water storage. The cold incoming water from the well or municipal source must be heated and stored in a tank before use. Similar concept to the oil heaters, a flange immersion heater is immersed near the bottom of the water tank in order to maintain a desired overall temperature. Selection of an electric water immersion heater requires several design considerations. For example, choosing an oversized tank heater would result a higher energy cost due to the wasted heat. However, with WATTCO™, our technical supports would be more than happy to assist you for obtaining the most cost-efficient electric tank heater that you need to warm up your water supply. On the industrial level, an immersion heater can be installed in major processing units such as the cooling tower. A cooling tower is generally used to remove heat absorbed in circulating cold water from industrial processes such as the natural gas or petroleum processing. However, cooling tower may cease to operate under very cold temperature season such as in winter. At very cold ambient temperature, the basin or the sump of the tower will freeze due to accumulated volume of ice when the tower is on standby or shutdown mode. An electric immersion basin heater is the solution to such freezing issues. There is three categories of immersion heaters that can be used for cooling tower freeze protection: flange, screw plug or circulation heater type. In addition, extra housing protections for the terminals are also available. The heater selection will be based on the target application and by the consultation of our technical staffs. The immersion heater will also need a control panel and temperature and heat sensors to provide safe and precise heat control. Similar to the cooling tower, the industrial wastewater treatment plants also have freezing problems under freezing climate area. When the temperature drops to the freezing point, the water in the tank will freeze and as a result, the water treatment process may have to halt the process in order to prevent any damage to other equipments. Interruption of the continuous water treatment process would cause issues such as flow rate or the discharging of untreated water. In order to prevent the water to freeze, tank heating is required. Electric immersion heaters are capable to prevent the water tank temperature from reaching the freezing point. With the aid of the digital water temperature control system, the tank will be able to maintain a fixed overall temperature under freezing temperature environment. In order to provide a long lasting water immersion heater, WATTCO™ will assist our clients to select a custom designed model with parameters that will fit your desired operating environment.