The Benefits of Using Over the Side Heaters

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 08:11 pm

electic heater detailsFor many businesses, it is essential to have access to a method for maintaining water and/or viscous materials at a designated temperature. There are many types of equipment available for this purpose. But here we focus on one particular variety of temperature-regulating apparatus: over the side heaters.

These heaters consist of a simple configuration of heat-conveying tubular elements that are submerged inside the tank or vessel holding the liquid in question. The tubular elements are attached to a riser connected in turn to the terminal housing, which contains a temperature-recording device.

In general, the heating materials are against the wall of the tank or along its floor, with a control box sitting just over the rim of the vessel. In other words, it’s placemen over the side of the tank—hence the name. This is a simple yet highly effective kind of heater with several useful benefits; we’ll take a look at some of them below.

Requires little space

Over the side heaters are versatile and unobtrusive, as they’re designed to be placed along the wall of the tank. The benefits associated with the heater’s compact size are obvious: no bulky equipment to interfere with the free movement of anyone in the area, and no need to make room for the apparatus.

Easy to install and remove

As small, lightweight pieces of equipment, over the side heaters can be removed with no problem when it is time to inspect the apparatus or to perform cleaning duties. Afterward, the reinstallation of the heating equipment poses no difficulty. Similarly, in work environments with multiple tanks requiring management, these heaters can quickly and easily move from one container to another.


In comparison with certain types of temperature-regulating equipment, these heaters are fairly inexpensive, providing a useful source of heat at a price that even small businesses can afford.

Generates uniform temperatures

In many applications, it’s vital to generate an even temperature distribution. This is one of the ways in which over the side heaters excel. Ensuring that the water or liquid heats in a uniform fashion.

Functions well with various materials

These heaters can manage a wide variety of liquids: water, viscous oils, solvents, liquefied wax, caustic solutions, and more.


Typically made of copper, titanium, cast alloy, stainless steel, or other sturdy materials. Over the side heater materials allow them to function optimally even in harsh work environments.


Over the side heaters are simple, lightweight, yet durable pieces of equipment. They are effective in industrial environments to manage the temperature of water or viscous materials.


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