How Are Flanged Heaters Used In The World?

  NEMA 1 3 inch Flanged HeaterFlanged immersion heaters are designed to directly transfer heat to the fluids in order to enable them properly work on the required tasks. They are commonly used in chemical, petroleum, water and other industries to produce heat and steam in tanks and pressurized vessels. They comprise of hairpin-bent tubular elements brazed or welded in a systematic manner with electrical enclosures. Flanged immersion heaters are available in a huge range of electrical enclosures and flange sizes so as to compliment all types of industrial needs.

Many industries, such as oil companies rely on their services and consider flanged immersion heaters a basic basic need. They are the standard choice for different commercial heating systems and heating methods. Famous for being virtually maintenance-free and easy to install, flanged immersion heaters are normally used in pressurized vessels and tanks to control the flow of heat. Since they are energy efficient and capable of monitoring heat flow, industries use them for precision measuring equipment to make sure that daily operations proceed with ease.

Importance in Food Industry

Amongst many industries that heavily depend on these electric immersion heaters, the food industry stands out. Most of their equipment is dependent on these heaters to keep them running smoothly and to maximize efficiency in terms of producing fresh, delicious food. Other equipments that also work with flanged heaters include food processing equipments, machines to maintain freshness as well as oil pre-heaters.

Importance in Power Plants

Power plants are another worth considering area when it comes to using flanged immersion heaters. As power plants work with boilers to generate heat, they always need a heater for boilers to produce power for the plant and other buildings. Used widely in college campuses all over the world, these heaters are the very important for power plants as they help maintain the temperature of the system and prevent them from overheating.

Importance in Energy Companies

Energy companies use flanged heaters for a large portion of their equipment. For instance, they help with the desalting of seawater to irrigate lands companies can easily use flanged heaters without having any fear of corrosion. Immersion heaters are also helpful in heating crude oil, thus making it smooth enough to easily pass through pipelines.  Gas turbines also need these heaters to attain a suitable temperature for smooth operation. Apart from being cost-effective and productive, flanged electric heaters have numerous mounting options that allow companies to install them with a wide variety of equipment. They have become ideal for tight spots to compliment different mounting requirements ranging from boilers, reservoirs to tanks. In summation, you can see that these heaters are capable of working in all types of situations irrespective of their industrial applications. They are resistant to harsh conditions and their durability gives them an extraordinary amount of longevity with countless benefits for the industries.