Benefits of Immersion Heating for Industrial Tank & Reservoir Heaters

Tank and reservoir heating is an essential task in many industrial processes. It maintains mediums in a usable state, allows for preheating, prevents freezing, and avoids loss or damage to the product.

Today, we’re looking at some of the core benefits of immersion heaters for industrial tanks and reservoirs.

Rapid Heat TransferRapid Heat Transfer

Immersion heaters offer direct heating. Direct heating means the heater flanges make direct contact with the medium it is heating. This offers the fastest heat transfer available.

Using electric immersion heaters allows for even quicker heating. Electric power is the most efficient type of heat transfer available for tank and reservoir heaters.

Taking advantage of custom flange design allows for maximizing contact surface. Increasing the contact surface both increases the speed of heat transfer and improves heat distribution. Immersion heaters offer even heating for tanks and reservoirs.

Temperature Maintenance

Electric immersion heaters offer superior temperature maintenance. They offer a much higher degree of accuracy and reliability than other heating options. The direct heat means that temperatures exactly match the output. And the even distribution ensures that temperature readings are accurate for the entire contents of the tanks.

Temperature accuracy is essential. For mediums that need to remain in a very specific temperature range, it also keeps them usable and prevents damage or safety hazards. This is especially important for flammable or combustible mediums.

As well, accurate temperature readings help reduce energy usage, for a less expensive process. For uses like freeze protection, the immersion heater only needs to run when temperatures drop. The more accurate the reading, the less frequent it needs to run and the more certain you can be that the heater will engage when it’s needed most.

Wattco immersion heaters pair well with tools like thermocouples to improve the accuracy of temperature readings. As well, other add-ons like low-level switches offer added safety precautions.

Ease of Installation

Electric immersion heaters are easy to install in tanks and reservoirs. This ease is due to their simple design, which limits margins for failure or error – making them more efficient and reliable. In addition to reliability, this easy-to-install design also results in short downtime during the installation.

OTS Immersion HeaterWhen new equipment is installed, processes need to be halted or limited. The shorter the downtime, the faster your process is back up and running. This minimizes losses and maintains efficiency.

The easiest immersion heater to install in a tank is an over-the-side heater (OTS). Depending on your process, it may be possible to install these without stopping the operation. OTS heaters fit over the side of an open tank or reservoir. This makes for fast and easy installation. In fact, they can even be skid-mounted for use in multiple tanks.

Screw plug immersion heaters and flange heaters require more effort. Flange heaters are welded into the tank, and screw plug heaters screw directly into the tank. This takes more time to install than OTS heaters but makes them ideal for closed tanks. As well, these are still relatively quick and easy installations.

Electric tank immersion heaters are also an easy upgrade. It is possible to retrofit existing equipment with electric alternatives. This can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs without out completely replacing existing equipment.

Simple Maintenance

Simple design makes for simple maintenance. Electric immersion heaters have fewer moving parts than fossil fuel alternatives. This means there is less chance of mechanical failure. As well as fewer parts to clean and maintain. The result is easy maintenance.

Regular maintenance prevents expensive repairs and replacements. Electric immersion heaters can be effectively cleaned with a pressure washer to remove sediment, and a quick inspection to ensure there is no corrosion.

This is a fast and easy process, which limits downtime during maintenance.

Over-the-side heaters can even be removed for maintenance, so there is no need to drain tanks to clean the heater.

Another benefit of Wattco tank immersion heaters is that it’s easy to replace elements. If an element fails, it can simply be removed and replaced. This is significantly faster and cheaper than replacing the entire unit.

Choosing the Best Provider for Tank & Reservoir Heaters 

Wattco a trusted provider with over 40 years of experience in the business. We offer prompt service and top quality electric immersion heaters. Custom-manufacturing means you get the best material selection and settings for your specific application. Contact us today for quotes and information.