Electric Heaters Keep The Food Industry Safe During Pandemic

Heater Food IndustryEven with restaurants temporarily closing their doors or reverting to delivery-only models, the food industry has not slowed down. From production to supply, food is one of the most essential services by any measure. Sanitation measures are always important in this industry, but during the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become an even greater priority. 

Food Production

Heat is a necessity for keeping food safe for consumption all the way from production to your table. Electric heaters play several important roles in this phase from things like space heating solutions to keep livestock healthy and preheating fluids to keep equipment in good working order. 

In the current pandemic, there are two food production roles in which electric heaters are especially important.

  1. Storage
  2. Pasteurization

Heating for Food Storage

In a storage capacity, heaters prevent food from spoiling by maintaining accurate temperatures and keeping products dry. As well, elevated temperatures can be used to kill or prevent the spread of bacteria.


Thermal pasteurization has significant benefits for the food industry. This process uses flanged heaters to kill pathogens and extend the shelf-life of products.

Kitchen Sanitation

In restaurants and industrial kitchens, maintaining a sanitary environment and equipment is a necessity. Food-grade sanitation requires high-temperatures and consistency. To meet these needs, electric heaters are trusted for industrial dishwashers, steam cleaning, and food processors. 

Wattco was approached by a manufacturer to find an electric heating solution for industrial food processing. The immersion heater we recommended had to meet the strict governmental  safety requirements for food products while also providing 6 key functions:

  1. Keep equipment free of condensation
  2. Prevent bacterial growth
  3. Avoid contamination
  4. Removing moisture from the air
  5. Maintaining  constant temperatures
  6. Reduce environmental issues

Electric heaters are the only option that are efficient, versatile, reliable, and eco-friendly enough to meet all of these factors. Right now, with an ongoing pandemic, the importance of precision sanitation equipment is even more pronounced.

We recommended a screw plug immersion heater, coupled with digital sensors for maximin control and accuracy.

Food Preparation & Presentation

Food Preparation HeaterElectric heaters provide a safer, more accurate heating method for food preparation. It is seeing a growing role in industrial fryers, grills, and ovens, which were once dominated by gas heating. Safety, in combination with lower-cost energy, is making electricity the ideal option for food preparation. 

With the added concerns amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, there is an even greater desire for certainty in the safe preparation of products. This makes the added accuracy and reliability of electric heating especially desirable in food preparation.

While food presentation has changed with restaurants closing their doors, it remains important nonetheless. Food still needs to be kept at the right temperatures to maintain its quality and safety before it is sent out to consumers. 

To this end, electric heaters are essential for warming cabinets and radiant heating that keeps foods hot and ready-to-serve.

Electric Heater Quotes for the Food & Beverage Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic may highlight the importance of safety in the food and beverage industry, but it is always the top priority. Wattco has a reputation for custom-manufacturing electric heaters that provide safe, reliable operation for industrial kitchens and other food industry applications.

Our team assesses the specific needs of your application, process, and budget to determine the ideal heater type, configuration, and settings.

Contact Wattco today for electric heater quotes for the food and beverage industry.