Immersion Water Heaters in a Solar Power System

Immersion water heaters can be used in conjunction with solar power systems. WATTCO™ can assist you in getting the most out of your energy dollars.

Electricity produced through solar panels is used for heating water effectively and efficiently when attached to immersion water heaters equipped with sensors and controls.

Depending on the average hours of daylight and the number of panels contained in the system, not all of the electricity produced is utilized in the home or business. Some of the electricity produced can be stored for later use. Or, sold back to the electric company for cash or credits.

When businesses are “hooked to the grid” they can sell unused electricity to the power company, depending on state and local regulations. “Hooked to the grid” simply means the home or businesses electric power remains tied into the municipal or private power company. So excess electricity can be sold. Or, if not enough electricity is generated by the solar power system the homeowner has immediate access to electricity.

Most electric companies pay far less than what they would sell you the same electricity for. So it’s better to store and use, than export to the grid. Circulation water heaters (or “inline water heaters”) particularly those used in a solar power system have far more uses than they are currently being used for in the home. Many homeowners would find it far too expensive to use these water heating elements for their pool while buying electricity from a power company. But when produced by the sun, it is more cost effective.

Certainly, pools and steam rooms are extravagant uses for solar powered water heaters. For those already using these luxuries, heating the water more efficiently keeps more money in their wallets for other necessities.

Many places are utilizing warm floors to heat their homes. Since heat rises, the floor is a good place to start with any heating system. Pipes lain in the floors, hooked to an electric water heater with concrete poured over them, make excellent radiant heating. Particularly when those floors are tiled. 

Solar Power System

It is surprising how many large corporations continue to spend large amounts of money for electricity without considering solar power system solutions. A circulation system can be used to heat a building inexpensively using solar panels tied into the grid as an insurance for electricity during extended periods of darkness. Keep in mind that even cloudy days produce some solar power. Using an immersion water heater to heat a plant or office building is cost-effective, even though the initial cash outlay may be expensive to build that solar power system.

Tying your solar power system into the local electric system is not only wise. It can also be financially beneficial depending on the amount of electricity generated versus the amount of electricity used. Utilizing a backup plan is always the preferred method. Therefore, it is best to hook into a battery storage system for your solar power system. As stated previously, it’s more profitable to use your own electricity produced than to sell it to the power company, but the latter is a viable alternative when excess electricity is produced.

Grid Connection for almost any System is Essential

Maintaining a connection to the grid makes sense in a variety of ways. It provides an outlet for the sale of the excess electricity produced and a reliable backup during extended periods of low production.

Sure, there is always a possibility of overproducing and selling electricity back to the power company. That’s more of a bonus; however, it is much more beneficial to be able to flip the switch and use your grid connection to warm your home or power your business. Actually, in most cases the change over from grid to solar or battery backup is seamless.

Utilizing Storage Tanks

Another backup source for heated water are storage tanks. Using immersion heater for water tanks will ensure that after the water is heated, by either by solar or the regular power source it can be stored in insulated storage tanks for later use. Temperature control panels can be placed within the tanks that control the water heater to ensure a consistent heat. Many homes now use solar to circulate and heat their water by the sun’s warmth. These only use their immersion circulation heaters for backup.

These are particularly beneficial to municipalities that maintain purified water for residents’ use. Although hot water is not normally provided the residents, freeze protection is provided through water temperature controls. These can also be linked to solar power systems with immersion water heaters that could be placed on, in, or around the storage tanks.

In summary, immersion water heaters coupled with a solar power system is a valuable alternative to high-cost electricity and heat or hot water production in the home or at your business.

Get a quote on an immersion water heater today, or get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss linking your hot water heating needs to a solar power system or when you need an immersion heater for any purpose.

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