Control panels are used to maintain the stability and the heat transfer efficiency of the heating system to prevent issues such as overheating and chemical disintegrations of a fluid. In order to provide the precise safety mechanism of the heating system, control panels can also be entirely customized to meet most of the requirements of the target application. There are a variety of terminal boxes available to select depending on the protection for: moisture, explosion, waterproof, and dustproof. A NEMA 1 standard terminal box is normally suitable for non-hazardous area operation. NEMA 4 terminal boxes (weather resistant enclosure) are commonly used for outdoor operation, which requires protection against moisture and humidity. Digital temperature controllers are installed to monitor the ambient and set-point temperature. A typical control panel set possesses of switching and fusing devices including internal wirings. Along with the temperature sensor tools such as RTD and thermocouples, WATTCO™’s control panels will ensure the maximum safety for heat generation for a variety of voltage ranges. The support and safety documentations (with schematics support, drawings, and bills of material) would ensure the control panels will be installed and operated perfectly as designed.

Industrial control panels are used to regulate temperature and provide safety mechanisms in place to prevent overheating your liquid and protect your heating elements. Control panels come in many different terminal boxes – standard NEMA 1 terminal boxes, dust proof boxes, waterproof boxes and explosion proof boxes for hazardous areas. Digital controllers are used to display ambient and target temperatures of your solution. They contain contactors, relays, fuses, on – off disconnect switches, and other components to help regulate your Wattco heater in a safe environment. In conjunction with thermocouples or RTD sensors, temperature controllers are the “brains” of the system and determine the heat intensity of your heaters. Heating control panels are typically available for heaters generating at least 30 Amps to over 200 Amperes. Special accommodations can be made for systems that are over 200 Amperes. NEMA 4 terminal boxes are typically used for outdoor applications where concerns of moisture and humidity is a factor. Flow switches can also be used for circulation heaters. All Wattco control panels come with circuit schematics as well as support documentation that might be required for configuration purposes.

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  • Options:

  • Basic Controls

    Type 4 weather resistance enclosure (hinged door). Fused magnetic contactor(s). On-off switch and pilot light. Fused control circuit. Transformer including 120V secondary control voltage. Terminal blocks for external control devices.

  • Advanced Controls

    Type 4 weather resistant enclosure (hinged door)
    Disconnect switch including door interlock
    Fused magnetic contactor(s) for definite purpose
    On-off switch
    Fused control circuit transformer including 120V secondary control voltage
    Digital indicating configurable processor based temperature
    Electronic high limit (manual or auto reset)
    Pilot lights: “heat on”;”system on”;”high limit”

  • Multi-Stage Controls

    A modulating temperature control with step control, bringing contactor stages. Type 12 dust tight enclosure. Disconnect with door interlock 2-12 fused contactors. Fused control circuit transformer. On/off selector switch and pilor light. High limit trip pilot light. Digital indicating control (on site or factory configurable). Manual reset limit.

  • Step Controls and SCR Solid state power control

    Type 12 dust tight enclosure
    Disconnect with door interlock
    Fused contactors
    Fused control circuit transformer
    On/off selector switch and pilot light
    High limit trip pilot light
    Heating stages pilot light
    Process control
    Manual reset limit


Double digital control panel with Contactors NEMA 4

Dustproof Standard Dual Wattco Temperature Control Panels

Integrated control Panel

Internal Temperature Control Panel Controls

Multi circuit controls

Stand Alone Temperature Control Panel with Step Controllers

Standard Wattco Dual Temperature Control Panel

Standard Wattco Temperature Control Panel

Temperature Interior Control Panel

Touch Screen Wattco Temperature Control Panel

WATER Resistant Wattco Temperature Control Panel

WATTCO Dual Stainless Steel Temperature Control Panel

WATTCO SCR Temperature Control Panel

Wattco Stainless Steel Dual Temperature Control Panel

Wattco Step Controller with 4 Circuits

WATTCO Temperature Control Panel (Single)

  • Control panels with voltages up to 4000 amps, 600V;
  • Basic models: CPP, TBD (remote mounted controls available upon request);
  • Fully-equipped models:
  • Contactor power switching
  • Stage contactor
  • Solid state switching)
  • Package includes:
  • Design drawings
  • Replacement parts
  • Operating instructions
  • Component manuals
Basic Controls For electric heaters with thermostats, limit controls, percentage timers or other control components
Advanced Controls Ideal for various electrical installations
Contactor Stages Suitable for multi-stage heaters
Base-Load – SCR Contactor stages controlled by a step control and SCR solid state power control


  • Remote set point;
  • Proportioning;
  • Process variable retransmission;
  • Alarms;
  • Remote annunciation;
  • Dual energy and peak load controls;
  • Current/voltage/wattage metering 
    and interfacing PLCs.
  • NEMA 4 moisture proof panels are available



  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Ready-to-connect
  • Compatible with different materials (dust, oil, water, corrosive, dangerous materials)

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