A Look at the Efficiency of Flanged Heaters

Most industries today require heating solutions for various industrial processes in their production, engineering and/ or manufacturing practices among others. There are three types of immersion industrial electrical heaters that everyone who needs heating solutions should know about:

  • i) Over the Top or Side Immersion Heaters – as the name suggests, this is the easiest to install and uses heaters that are inserted into the fluid from the top of the container.
  • ii) Screw Plug Immersion Heaters – This type of heater is commonly used in more permanent processes.  Heaters are inserted through a side threaded opening chamber to the fluid.
  • iii) Flanged immersion heaters – This type features hair-pin bent elements attached to a flange and is specially designed to heat a pressurized liquid.

This article looks at how flanged immersion heaters are power efficient and how they are put to use in process heating.

For most engineers, flanged heaters are the first and most viable industrial electric heating solution for a variety of fluids. These include water, oil, gases and corrosive chemicals.  Flanged heaters are typically simple to install and use. As such, they are one of the most effective heating systems suitable for industrial application since they are easy to control and allow for precise temperature requirements.  Generally, experts consider flanged heaters as the best heating tools for processes requiring heating solutions for fluids in tanks under pressure.

Efficiency of flanged immersion heaters

Flanged heaters are principally designed to heat gasses and liquids in a pressured tank where high wattage is required.  Installation is pretty simple and because they are available in a wide range of sizes, voltages, pressure capacities, terminal housings, kilowatt ratings and sheath materials. You can find them almost anywhere that uses this form of heating, from kitchens to chemical processing plants.  These design of these devices efficient because the heat they generate instantly dissipates to the target medium with no chance of leakages.

The efficiency of flanged heaters extends to its maintenance and installation.  Flanged immersion heaters feature advanced and precise temperature control. As a result, they do not damage from overheating and absolutely no chronic-related maintenance expenses are required. 

Not only are the heaters easy to install and use, but they are also suitable for installation on regular containers. As well as tanks and other odd shaped containers or ducts. Whatever your industrial heating requirements our flanged immersion heaters offer a viable solution. Wattco can custom design them to provide heating for different types of unique industry environments.

Uses of flanged heaters in today’s industrial processes

Flanged immersion heaters are process heaters that are best used in pressurized tanks or vessels.  These heaters are best used in immediate heating applications and in medium to heavy-duty industrial processes.  Today, process heaters are popular for heating water, oil, viscous materials, industrial solvents, gases and a range of process solutions.  Flanged heaters receive praise for being close to 100 percent energy efficient. This is largely due to their effectiveness in heating pressurized fluids and most other liquids.

When selecting the ideal flanged heater, it’s important to consider the right configuration for the fluid you want to heat.  This means that considerations such as heating capacity, voltage, terminal housing, sheath material and thermostat material among others have to be taken into effect.

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