Industrial Heating Significance of Over-The-Side Heaters

Industrial Over-The-Side Heaters are used in numerous industries to enable users work freely in a safe and protected environment. In manufacturing hub locations such as Erie Pennsylvania, these heaters are normally designed for vessels and tanks with heated portion immersed at the bottom or along the side. These immersion heaters need lesser space, offer sufficient working space in the container, eliminate need of tank penetration and can be easily detached for cleaning or other maintenance tasks. They have custom configured elements that provide even heat to all the areas by creating direct contact in different applications, consisting of alkali and acid solutions. electic heater details

Over-the-side heaters are used for heavy duty jobs like rinsing tanks, heating, plating tanks and many other solutions. Since they are available in a wide variety, companies will have the best piece for their needs. Whether they want to heat oils, alkali, degreasing solutions, deionize tanks, acidic solutions, pickling solutions or electroplate baths, there is a certain series to do so.

Several of these heaters are provided with vapor tight terminal enclosures and 3 foot long flexible conduit, covered with vinyl and consist of ground wires and two power leads. Their stainless steel mounted brackets are capable of sliding along the component to make installation easy.

A beneficial part some models of these over-the-side heaters is their corrosion resistant heads that help in fighting against flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure, having 3 foot flexible PVC liquid conduits. They are equipped with 26 watts/square inch watt densities (i.e. 4 watts/cm2) that make sure lifelong services with efficiency and effectiveness. Their auto stability solid state feature protects hot spots and makes sure uniform heating. However, the heaters are not so useful for high temperature and viscous solutions.

OTS Heater Design and Materials

Companies have to pay attention to this fact as it can make or break the base of their projects. As we all know that over-the-side heaters are portable, companies can comfortably remove or carry from one place to the other. They do not need technical skills to detach and re-install. Though, it is recommended to read owner’s manual at least once before going to do anything like that. Their light weight also makes them ideal and the NEMA 4/4x enclosures declare them effective in maintaining moisture.

The availability of sheath materials prevents users and surroundings from corrosive acids or other liquids. Their applications involve:

  • Heating clean water
  • High purity water
  • Degreasing solutions
  • Medium weight oils
  • Caustic solutions
  • Vapors or gases
  • Lightweight oils
  • Process water
  • Mild corrosive solutions
  • Liquid paraffin
  • Dangerous or corrosive solutions
  • Heavy weight oils

Heaters, which are used to heat caustic and corrosive solutions, typically have high strength alloys, stainless steel or polymers for maximum productivity and quality results. Over-the-side immersion heaters have single phase power or phase power- for efficient heating and maintaining the equipment from over-heating. Experts suggest that companies should consider heating power with watt density and heated or insertion length before purchasing an over-the-side heater because these factors directly affect their performance and may cause trouble in the future.

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