Applications of Over-The-Side heaters in the Chemical Industry

As one of the best practical and economic products, over-the-side heaters have immersion-heating-elementbecome an important part of the chemical industry, where solutions are heated and surrounding is protected with their quality to resist corrosive elements. There are numerous manufacturers of these heaters, producing different ranges to satisfy needs of the companies. Every product has its owner specifications, dimensions, weaknesses and strengths that make it suitable for a certain kind of job. Most heaters are custom designed, having a thermowell and various tubular elements to control the temperature and other operations. As mentioned above, they are economically reasonable because manufacturers know that every company does not have the same budget- large companies can afford expensive products but small-sized businesses need to get something affordable with similar features. Recent weather pattern changes in the southern United States (Dallas, Texas and Wyoming for example) have had dipping temperatures that have forced manufacturers to find alternative methods such as immersion heaters to heating up their tanks. Their mobility and flexibility declare them to work on different projects, no matter if they are constructed with stainless steel or exotic alloys. Over-the-side heaters are categorized into different groups according to their nature and strengths. Some of them are:

  • Copper sheath heaters
  • Steel sheath heaters
  • Stainless steel heaters
  • Teflon coated heaters
  • Cast-iron heaters
  • Lead sheath heaters
  • Titanium sheath heaters

And, below are their industrial applications:

Copper sheath heaters

These heaters are available as TLC and OTS series and are capable of heating clean water with pH 6 to 8.

Steel sheath heaters

Known as TLO and available in series of OTS, these over-the-side immersion heaters are useful for chemical companies to heat degreasing solutions, alkali, solvent type oils, soaking cleaners, medium weight oils, heat transfer fluids, soaking cleaners and caustic solutions. The low watt density heaters are designed to work on wax, paraffin and heavy oils.

Stainless steel heaters

Chemical industry uses them for heating alkaline cleaners (electrified), copper sulphate, wash tanks, alkaline soaking cleaners, electro cleaners, dip tanks having oakite, alkali, detergent, soda, caustic and other fluids. These heaters are available in OTS series so companies can easily find the best piece for their needs.

Teflon coated heaters

The Teflon series of over-the-side heaters is used in chemical industry for heating alkaline solutions, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid solutions, electroless copper, hydrofluoric fluids and ammonium bi-fluoride.

Cast-iron heaters

Since over-the-side heaters are available in huge ranges of versatile heating elements, you will find their series ideal for heating metals like stereotype metals, babitt, solder and tin. These heaters normally work below 950 degree F and therefore, make themselves perfect for heating metallic objects.

Titanium sheath heaters

Available as TLT series and used to work against corrosive solutions, titanium sheath heaters can efficiently work in chemical industry, whether it is a sulfamate nickel, silver, chrome and gold plating or gold, nitric and chromic acid. Companies will always find them perfect for any sort of heating procedure. All they have to do is to determine the type of medium and come up with the right choice.

Lead sheath heaters

It is another worth considering type of over-the-side heaters that is recommended for copper and nickel plating baths, sulfuric acid solutions with below 10% concentration, pickling solutions and electroc-plating baths.