Electric Heating’s Best Kept Secret

Over the side immersion heaters are a type of industrial immersion heaters that use water resistant terminal housing to heat the liquid. This type of immersion heaters come in many different sizes and shapes to fit within your tank dimension. The heaters are custom designed with a thermowell and multiple tubular elements that hold the temperature probe. Over the side Immersion heaterOver the side immersion heaters are shaped to fit within standard or non standard liquid tanks. The heaters are popular for their economic and practical use. The water resistant thermal housing ensures uniform application of heat that retains for long after application.

Detailed Look at Over the Side Immersion Heaters

Over the side thermal heaters use high quality stainless steel and other types of alloys to heat different kinds of liquid. Over the side immersion heaters are ideal for heating liquids contained in large tank with no access except from the top. The brackets support the heater onto the wall of the liquid container. Equipped with a digital controller, the heater accurately calculates cold sections of the liquid to prevent overheating. Over the side immersion heaters utilize high quality alloys that can withstand both severe corrosive liquids inside and harsh outside environment. The heaters are commonly used for heating liquids in chemical and petroleum industries. Companies with limited budget usually use over the side immersion heaters due to their affordable and economical prices.

Features & Design

  • Standard size 1” conduit opening
  • Elements available in diameters of 0.315”, 0.375”, 0.430” and 0.475”
  • Stainless Steel, Copper, Incoloy, and titanium and steel heater sheaths. Coating of quartz or fluoropolymer can be provided for extra protection.
  • CSA and UL approved
  • Nema 1 or Nema 4/7 terminal housing
  • Fixed, Flanged or adjustable brackets
  • Special size and wattage are also available upon request
  • Single or Double pole thermostat OR Hi Limit or Process thermocouple on sheath

Application of Circulation Immersion Heaters

  Over the side immersion heaters are used to heat wide variety of liquid solutions. These industrial immersion heaters are used for heating water, viscous oils, salts, caustic solution, paraffin, and degreasing tanks. The heaters have a freeze protection feature that prevents heat dissipation in frigid temperature. Some over the side immersion heaters also feature moisture, oxidation and corrosion resistance. These heaters are light weight, portable and do not require any drilling. They are designed to be installed in the top of the tank with the heating element immersed along the side or bottom of the tank. This results in ample working space inside the tank resulting in easy installation and removal of the heating device for maintenance or other reasons. Over the side immersion heater are ideal for liquid tanks and containers where the immersion heaters cannot be installed from the side. The heating element of the over the side immersion heater resides along the side or at the bottom of the tank. This results in natural circulation of the liquid inside the vessel that results in even distribution of the heat.