Save Money: The Many Uses of Industrial Immersion Heaters

Industrial level immersion heaters are a great option for industry leaders because they represent an efficient addition to manufacturing and processing methods across many industrial applications. Essentially, industrial immersion heaters are efficient tools that quickly heat up liquids, solutions and substances in large pressure vessels, tanks or other industrial-sized containers.

The use of direct heat transfer in immersion heaters means that the substance quickly reaches its target temperature and is easily maintained at this level. Because immersion heaters are commonly constituted of external parts and mechanics, introducing them into an industrial setting is relatively straightforward; furthermore, this makes the maintenance requirements for electric immersion heaters minimal. Finally, there are several application options when it comes to industrial-level immersion heaters, including flanged heatersover-the-side heaterscirculation heaters, and screw plug heaters.

This range of options, along with the straightforward installation and simple maintenance, makes immersion heaters an attractive appealing solution for any rapid heating process in nearly any industrial setting.   Over the side heater angled      

Examples of industrial applications for electric immersion heaters include processing methods for petroleum, chemicalsoil and gas, and even food manufacturing.

Electric immersion heaters are applicable across all of these industries because the main purpose of electric immersion heaters is to help keep liquids at the correct temperature. This is important in any processing or manufacturing industry for several reasons:    

  • First, electric immersion heaters help to ensure that substances or liquids are not altered detrimentally along the production line. This, in turn, keeps the flow of production continuous, which is a crucial aspect of any process industry.
  • Second, any industrial-level process involves a large quantity of the given substance, liquid or medium; electric immersion heaters are some of the best devices available to raise the temperature of these vast amounts and maintain them at the correct temperature.
  • Thirdly, industries need their heating processes to not only be efficient, but inexpensive. Electric immersion heaters represent less up-front and long-term costs for manufacturers and industrial processers, making them a relatively cheap and efficient method of heat processing.

  Electric immersion heaters take on many forms in industrial settings, depending on the needs and goals of the specific industrial application. For example, over-the-side immersion heaters are probably the most basic application for food processing, because they require no special installation and are easily removed for maintenance. These immersion heaters are most commonly used in tanks, with the heating element fully immersed in the liquid or substance.

In contrast, circulation heaters are more specialized elements, commonly used in the gas and oil sector. Some of the applicable substances include purified gases or deionized water, which require constant movement and immediate heating.

These two different applications highlight the fact that electric immersion heaters have a wide range of applications within the industrial setting, and are not limited to just one element of processing or manufacturing. The efficiency, low cost, adaptability, usability, and volume-bearing nature of electric immersion heaters make them a great addition for any industrial-level manufacturing or processing company.