Duct Heaters: Did you know?

Duct  Heater 2Duct Heaters are heating units that are installed in close proximity to air ducts in commercial or industrial buildings. Due to their versatility, use and demand for duct heaters is on the rise. Air heating units come in diverse ranges, dimensions and sizes. Such versatility allows for compatibility and easy installation in a variety of heating systems.

Duct Heater Applications

Air flow ventilation systems and comfort heating are the primary applications for duct heaters. Other heating applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Primary heating
  • Space heating
  • Reheating
  • Multi zone heating
  • Air volume heating
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Secondary heating

On the other hand, process duct heaters are predominantly used for industrial heating applications, for example, ovens requiring forced circulation or re-circulated air.

Types of Heaters

The numerous industrial applications of air duct heaters have allowed the market to innovate and develop an assortment of products for different air heating installation systems. There are three main types of duct heaters:

Bottom Mount Duct Heaters

The most common type of duct heater available in the market is the bottom mount duct heater. Features for this particulate type of heating unit include:

  • Controls that are easily accessible and don’t require the removal of the heater.
  • Accessory components that are prewired thus allowing quick, cost effective and timely installation.
  • Bottom mount duct heaters can be easily serviced.
  • These units require limited space.
  • Mount duct heaters offer many of the benefits associated with custom built heaters

Flanged Mount Duct Heaters

Flange mounted duct heaters are characterized by the following:

  • This heater can boast having class leading amounts of duct rigidity.
  • 20 gauge or heavier galvanized steel is used to fabricate heater flanges and boxes.
  • The design of flanged mounted duct heaters allows unlimited options for duct size matchups.
  • If the heater user or operator has the exact blower configuration and the ability to ascertain the proper air baffle, coupling flange mounted duct heaters with blower units is possible.

Round duct heaters

This type of heating unit has the following advantage:

  • Round duct heaters are electric heaters that allow for easy installation using a round sheet metal duct.