Digital Control Panels and Their Components

Digital control panels play an important role in every industry where industrial-grade process heaters are used. Digital control panels ensure effective and precise functioning of the heaters along with safety and stability. The term “digital” is used to identify that digital or electronic controls are used to implement the control logic. From the construction point of view, this is, ideally, a sturdy metal box, even placed outdoors, that is wired with heaters. WATTCO digital control panels are efficient, weather-resistant, reliable, and easy to maintain. They are used in industries such as: food, energy, petrochemical, energy production, semiconductor, and healthcare. WATTCO digital panels come with installation and operation documentation and schematics. Digital Control Panel Installation

The main function of the WATTCO digital control panel is the precise temperature control of the process heater, i.e., heating element. A single digital control panel may be used for applications that require single and multiple loops of control. The end-user can control the individual increments of the desired outputs and has access to safety limits. Precise control of temperature is an absolute necessity for a process heater. Any malfunction or inaccuracy may impact the quality of heating provided to a liquid medium. WATTCO digital control panels are easily integrated with immersion, circulation, and other industrial-grade heaters. These are heaters that require 480 V, 3 phase electrical connection and have a rating of up to 120 kW. In addition, to ensure proper functioning of the heating element, digital control panels are able to detect any kind of malfunctioning, such as overheating. In turn, they can protect the heating elements.  

A digital control panel consists of a terminal box along with a contactor, relays, fuses, on/off disconnect switches, and other components. The box can be dustproof, waterproof or even explosion proof.  For outdoor use, the designer should use a NEMA 4 terminal box that safely performs even in humid conditions.  

WATTCO digital control requires less assembly time and has no major system complexity or large space requirement. In addition to power switching, WATTCO digital control panels log operational data and provide communications capability.  



The enclosure is built of steel and often painted gray. Its rugged construction is appropriate for all kinds of industrial applications. These enclosures are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.    


Disconnect Switch:

The digital control panel is equipped with a disconnect switch for ensuring operator safety.  



The contactor is an important component that ensures separation of power from the heating element in an abnormal condition.    



Fuses are an important component to assure compliance with electrical codes (NEC and CE). This triggers shutdown in case of over-current related potential hazards.    


Easy Installation

Digital control panels come with terminals for easy installation. These terminals are assigned for supply and load. Digital control panels also have dedicated terminals for connecting to sensors.    


Compliance to SCCR Rating

WATTCO digital control follows UL508A or SCCR rating that applies in the US and Canada.  

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