The Efficient Flanged Heater

If you aren’t familiar with industrial flanged heaters, they are tube-shaped heaters designed to mount right into a container for liquid heating applications. The heater comes with an exterior flange that can be bolted into position for long-term heating needs. The flange design makes for a very secure hookup, but it also makes it simple to remove the heater and install it in another location if need-be. These heaters are known for being easy to work with, and also highly efficient to use. That’s why they are often used in industrial applications where efficiency and temperature control are both very important.

Minimal Heat Loss

One of the biggest benefits to using flanged heaters is their ability to be installed inside a liquid system. These heaters are mounted right to the side or top of a pressurized tank and all the heat generated by the system is immediately absorbed by the liquid. There isn’t any time for heat to be released out into the environment, and this makes flanged immersion heaters highly efficient to use for most liquid heating applications. Even when very high wattage heaters are used, they can be operated efficiently.


Just the Right Temperature

Wattco Flange Heater Every liquid has an ideal temperature that it should be heated at for top efficiency heating. Heating a liquid too much can cause excess heat to radiate out of the container and to be lost, heating it too little will lead to a system that doesn’t do its job properly. That’s why it’s important to find a middle ground between upper and lower limits, and with an industrial flanged heater that’s simple to do. The top heaters all come with precise temperature controls. This makes it a simple matter to get temperatures right where they need to be for the system to run properly.


Fitting Your Application Precisely

If there’s one thing that’s certain in an industrial environment, it’s that things change and equipment needs to be customizable and flexible enough to meet those changing needs. No matter what size or shape your liquid storage containers are, it shouldn’t be difficult to get the proper sized flange immersion heater for your needs. Not only are stock flange heaters sold for a variety of container sizes and liquid types, but custom heaters can be created to meet even more diverse needs overall. Ordering a unit to meet your size needs should be a simple task for most company owners. Just get in touch with a reputable heating company in your area for help.


What it Can Heat

Flanged heaters work to warm a variety of liquids effectively. They can be used as immersion water heaters, while also heating oil, gases, industrial solvents and a variety of other solutions that require warming. The heaters are flexible and convenient to work with for most heating needs out there. If your company requires regular liquid heating capabilities, you should consider flanged heaters if you want an efficient operation. Not only are they simple to use, but they are highly customizable as well. It’s a good combination that works well in most company environments. Looking for more information on industrial heating elements? Read more on the Wattco Blog or look through some of our industry case studies. Whether you’re looking for a flanged immersion heater, flanged heater, or any other high quality industrial heating products, consult the wide variety of heating solutions in the Wattco portfolio or contact our experts for more information.