Electric Heating in Cold Climates

Being able to efficiently maintain consistent temperatures in colder climates obviously offers more of a challenge.  That is why researching and investing in the most optimal heating system for your needs is vital. These systems are also important for industries where liquids need to be stored at proper and consistent temperature.

Immersion heaters

An immersion heater is a device which heats various fluid types like water, oil, salts, solvents, and acids. With it immersed in the fluid that it is warming, all the heat generated is within the liquid making the device very energy efficient. Immersion heating is preferred by many people due to its inherent advantages like being economical to maintain and repair, easy to install, and compact and lightweight. Immersion heaters are also fast and powerful, safe and durable, resistant to corrosion and moisture, and environmentally friendly. There are three varieties of immersion heaters—over the side heaters, flange, and screw plug immersion heaters. Let’s take a look at how these are used for electric heating in cold climates. Learn how to prevent liquid from freezing using immersion heaters. electric heating cold climates

Flanged Heater

Flanged heater units are available in different sizes and kilowatt ratings. These are among the most regularly used methods of heating fluids. They are ideal for use in all tanks as well as irregularly shaped pressurized vessels. Flanged heater units are energy efficient aside from being very easy to control. Flanged immersion heater has a tubular element bent into the shape of a hairpin and connected into a flange. The latter allows one object to be strengthened or attached to another object. The flanged immersion heater is then installed by attaching it to a matching flange connected to the side of a tank. Flanged heaters are used not just in industrial uses for cold climates but also in other industries like oil, tire, food, construction, chemical, and electroplating.

Over the Side

Over the side immersion heaters are perhaps best known for its efficient application such as for commercial water heating. But it is also used for other uses such as industrial-related applications like heating of oils, solvents, viscous fluid, salts, and paraffin. It is commonly used when the installation of a side immersion heater like a flanged or screw-plug heater is impractical or inconvenient. The unit is installed through the top of the tank. The heat source is found along the side or at the bottom of the tank. This makes the unit easy to remove for cleaning and has enough workspace within the tank itself.

Screw plug heater

As the name suggests, a screw plug heating unit is screwed directly into a tank wall. It is typically used for water heating, freeze protection, and heating of oils. Like the two other immersion heater types, it comes in various kilowatt ratings and manufactured from different sheath materials. For more information on finding the right efficient industrial heater for the job, read more of the blogs and case studies on the Wattco website. Each entry offers deeper insight like how to prevent freezing using immersion heaters. For any further expert advice, contact one of our industry experts today.