Heaters for Steam Generation in Boilers

Process manufacturing facilities generate most of their energy through boiler systems. The purpose of boiler systems is usually to generate steam or to heat water. In this article, we take a look at boiler heaters for steam generation.


Benefits of steam heating

Steam heating is an ideal option for applicable processes as it has a number of key benefits including:

  • Low cost
  • More efficient than other heat exchangers
  • Low maintenance
  • Low toxicity
  • Easy transportation
  • High heat society
  • Can be fitted with thermostats to regulate temperature and steam flow
  • Easy to install


Electric boiler heaters are especially beneficial. Using electric power over fuel combustion means they are more efficient. They are also cleaner, with zero carbon emissions, so they help to meet environmental standards.

As well, electric boiler heaters offer steam generation that is quiet and reduces vibration. This helps to prevent damage to the system.


Steam Generator Heater Types

Boiler heaters for steam generation come in a number of sizes and flange types. They are custom fit to match boiler lengths, wattage, voltage, and more. They are available in low-pressure systems or high-pressure boilers up to 1000 psig.


Circulation Heaters

A common use of circulation heaters is for gas a steam heating applications. A flanged immersion heater is mounted in an insulated chamber and circulates to provide indirect heat.

Gas & Steam Heating

One of the benefits of using a circulation heater for steam heating is the drainage valve. A valve makes it possible to drain water from the system with ease. The valve placement is custom.

When choosing a circulation heater for steam generation the key elements to consider are the flow rate of the water and the watt/area specification of the heating element. Beyond that industries can choose between sheath materials, horizontal or vertical mounting, thermocouples, and more.


Direct Steam Injection Heaters

Direct steam injection heaters are inline heaters that inject steam directly into the target location or machinery. Its use is common in cleaning machine parts. They are immobile, cost-effective, and require little maintenance.

Controls allow for manual or automatic temperature and flow regulation. A single mixer combines cold and hot water to create steam instantly. Their installation is easy in pipelines and vessels.


Screw Plug Heaters

Screw plug heaters are highly effective industrial heaters for liquids, gas, and steam. Their performance excels in smaller closed containers such as boilers. In severe heating environments, nickel screw plug heaters are ideal.

Incoloy Screw Plug Heater InconelWATTCO can outfit nickel screw plug heaters with Incoloy™/Inconel™ alloys. These alloys can withstand extreme heat, up to 1800 degrees. As well as resisting corrosion and pressure.

If steel, stainless steel, or regular nickel sheaths are not standing up to your process, it’s worth upgrading to Incoloy™ and Inconel™ alloys.



Industrial Applications of Steam Generators

Steam generators are crucial to a number of industrial process heating application. Steam offers heating, sterilization, propulsion, drive, and atomization. We take a look at how it applies to some of these important industrial applications.


Cleaning Machine Parts

Steam boilers play a key role in cleaning machine parts and equipment. Concentrated high-temperature steam sanitizes parts while clearing away debris. Direct steam injection heaters are usually the most effective option for this.

WATTCO used a direct steam injection heater help a major automotive parts manufacturer clean parts on the assembly line. The steam pressure system now sanitizes components free of grind and milling residue.

In addition to cleaning parts on an assembly line, this system is useful in cleaning machine parts in active machines. Steam heating keeps machines clean and efficient.



Breweries rely on steam heating. Many craft brewers use low-pressure steam boilers because they offer a consistent steam level. Consistency and accuracy are essential to beer production. It prevents spoiled batches and provides a consistent product.

Using automatic temperature regulators is best in brewery applications. They ensure that the temperature stays consistent, shutting down if too hot, and heating up if below the target temperature.


Comfort Heating

Comfort heating often uses steam heaters.  Low-pressure steam heaters of 15 psig or less provide reliable comfort heating. It is safe, affordable and efficient heating.

Electric steam heaters are the best option for comfort heating. Their quiet and zero carbon emission operation makes for a safe and comfortable working environment for people.


Kitchen Services

Steam heating is important to local and industrial kitchens. It provides reliable sanitation as well as consistent, reliable heating for cooking. Both of these services are crucial for creating safe products and working conditions.


Replacing a Steam Boiler Heater

Whether replacing a broken heater or switching to electric, replacing a steam boiler heater is easy. WATTCO can replace almost any model of any manufacturer in your boiler with the same custom specifications. We can install a new boiler heater and have it up and running in just a matter of hours. Contact a WATTCO representative today for a quote.