Screw Plug Heaters: Environmentally-Friendly Industrial Heaters

Environmentally-Friendly HeatersScrew plug heaters are immensely useful immersion heaters. They are capable of rapid heat transfer and quick heat up times, making them indispensable in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and heating hydraulic oils and lubricants. In addition to their many benefits, electric screw plug heaters are environmentally friendly.

Environmentally-friendly practices aren’t just beneficial for the environment. They offer a better public image, government rebates and incentives, as well as often offering greater efficiency and reduced long-term costs. 

We take a look at some of the environmental benefits of industrial screw plug heaters:

Electric Power

Electric power offers a number of environmental, fiscal, and safety benefits for industrial use. Versatile and functional, electric industrial heaters are ideal for commercial use. Electricity is a cost-effective and highly efficient power that makes for environmentally-friendly heaters.

Using electricity makes a big difference in environmental impact. Electricity produces no harmful emissions and there is very little wasted energy.

Fossil fuels not only produce harmful emissions when used in heaters, but there is also a lot of wastage in their production up to that point. The hidden impact of fossil fuels on the environment also include:

  • Extraction of fossil fuels
  • Transportation
  • Burning of fuels
  • Fossil fuel waste

At each of these stages, there is a high level of wastage and an increase in emissions. As a result, even methods like waste heat recovery cannot offer the environmental benefits of electric power.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to electricity being a highly efficient form of energy, screw plug heaters are one of the most efficient heating options. The more efficient the process, the more environmentally-friendly it is as it reduces runtime and energy usage.

Electric screw plug heaters provide direct heating. Direct heat transfer is the fastest way to heat a medium. The heater has direct contact with the heated medium, resulting in a fast heat up time.

Screw plug heaters are installed directly in the tank, so it can be used in closed tanks and systems for rapid, and safe heat transfer. The added safety of being able to operate inside of the tank allows for explosion-proof ratings, containing potential issues that can be dangerous for employees and the environment.

They are usually positioned at the bottom of the tank so the heat can rise up and distribute evenly. The result is an efficient, environmentally-friendly heating process.

Lifespan & Maintenance

Reduced equipment lifespans resulting from insufficient maintenance or inefficient design is a major source of waste, both environmental and financial. Premature replacement or constant repairs can add up quickly.

WATTCO screw plug heaters are designed for easy maintenance. They provide easy access for regular maintenance. Proper immersion heater maintenance improves performance, efficiency and lifespan. All of these factors result in lower operating costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

Electric heaters also outlast combustion heaters. Years of fuel combustion take their toll on a system. They become more prone to damage and premature replacement. Electric screw plug heaters continue running efficiently for years after their fossil fuel alternatives, so they require less frequent repair, replacement, and waste.

Purchase Environmentally-Friendly Industrial Heaters

Electric screw plug heaters are an investment. They are an environmentally-friendly industrial heater that offers a greater return over time, and the larger the process the sooner the return is realized. They are efficient, cost-effective, and good for the environment.

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