How To Get An Immersion Heater Quote That Suits Your Needs


An Informal Discussion on How to Get the Right Quote

Selecting the right immersion heater is important. You need the right equipment to keep your operation efficient and profitable for years to come. Since each application is a little different, what’s right for one quote doesn’t always suit your needs.

At Wattco, our immersion heater quote tool makes it easy to request a quote customized to your exact needs. We take a look at what you should know to get an accurate quote.

Industrial Heater QuoteKnow Your Needs

The first consideration is knowing what the heater needs to contend with. This ranges from the heated medium to the environment the heater is kept in. This allows the manufacturer to determine the best heater and configuration for your needs.

The Material/Medium Heated

One of the first considerations is the target medium the immersion heater will heat. This allows for a quote that balances cost with performance needs.

For example, heating an extremely corrosive medium may require Incoloy® or Inconel® alloys. These materials have a higher cost than the steel you might use for a non-corrosive medium, but they’ll prevent damage. This prevents wasted spending on replacing electric heating elements with the wrong sheath material.

The Purpose of the Heater

The purpose of the heater has a number of important considerations. It determines the materials, the design, as well as the control panel and accessories required. For instance, when heating combustible materials, using Nema 7 (explosion proof terminal housings) and low-level shutdown switches can keep your process safe.

Another consideration is how the heater will be used. If the same immersion heater is intended for use in multiple tanks, over-the-side heaters are an ideal choice. They are not permanently fixed and, since they attach over the side of a tank, installation and removal are easy.


When looking for a heater quote, the size of the heated vessel matters. A screwplug heater, for instance, is an ideal solution for a smaller tank. Screw plug heaters are affordable and highly efficient, but they aren’t the right choice for every process.

For heating large tanks flanged heater are a more practical solution. They are capable of heating large vessels rapidly and evenly.


The right wattage is essential for electric immersion heaters. The wattage needs to be matched to the medium being heated, it’s intended viscosity, temperature, and materials. If unsure of your requirements, a Wattco representative can help determine the right wattage in your quote with the above information.


The location of your heating application is another important point in your electric heater quote. For a start, being indoors or outdoors affects what your heater has to contend with. Does the equipment need to be weather and water resistant?

Furthermore, the temperature affects the configuration. For example, in a cold climate outdoor storage tank, the heater needs sensors that can detect when the temperature inside the tank drops. This will automatically turn the heater on and prevent freezing or damage to the stored medium.


For your industrial heater quote, you should know what type of energy you want to use. Fossil fuel heaters often have a lower initial price point, but electric immersion heaters have a lower cost over time. Electric heaters are more efficient, cost less to operate and maintain and have longer lifespans than their fossil fuel counterparts.

Choosing A Manufacturer

A good quote isn’t all about the heater and price. It’s important to consider the manufacturers themselves. You want to ensure the immersion heater manufacturer has experience and knowledge, with established trust in the business. This provides assurance that you’ll receive quality equipment and support.

As well, when shopping for heater quotes look for companies that custom-manufacture their heaters. They can provide all components from one place, ensuring they work together effectively. They also tailor the heater to your exact specifications, making them efficient and reliable.

A third consideration is to find a manufacturer who can offer installation. When they install the equipment they ensure all the connections are a perfect fit and can choose the optimal placement and configuration.


While staying inside your budget is important, getting the best price doesn’t necessarily mean getting the cheapest price. That doesn’t mean you need to choose the most expensive equipment either. Instead, look for a fair quote that doesn’t sacrifice quality, customization, or application-specific considerations.

Paying a little more for more efficient immersion heater can save you a lot in the long run.

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