Electric Boiler Heaters for Power Generation

Power Generation

There are several different heaters in the power generation industry. Electric heaters play an important role, offering reliability and performance.

In steam power generation facilities, electric boiler heaters play a pivotal role.

How Electric Boiler Heaters are used in Steam Power Generation

In power generation facilities that use steam, the steam drives the turbine. The higher the pressure, the more effectively the steam can move the turbine. To achieve this, an electric boiler heater is used in a closed vessel.

The pressure vessel starts with water, which the boiler heater converts into steam. Using a closed vessel makes steam generation more efficient, as well as increasing the pressure. The process occurs over three stages.


Stage 1: Sensible Heat Addition

Sensible heat is the energy it takes to change the temperature without causing a phase change. In the sensible heat addition phase, the boiler heater brings the water to its boiling point.

This stage prepares cold, or room-temperature, water for steam production. This is the pre-heating stage. It often involves the use of a feedwater pump to supply water to the boiler heater.

The pump may use water from the steam that has gone through the turbine to begin adding sensible heat before entering the boiler heater.

Stage 2: Latent Heat Addition

Latent heat addition is the transfer of heat that changes the subject’s state, but not it’s body temperature. In this case, the latent heat addition stage converts the boiling water into steam.

This stage occurs in a large vessel or drum which stores a mixture of water and steam.

Stage 3: Superheating

In this third stage, the steam moves from the drum for superheating. Electric heater coils are used to superheat the steam to maximize available pressure. The increased steam temperature and pressure provides greater output/efficiency.

Once this heat is achieved, the steam moves to the turbines.

Some of the steam is returned to stage 2 to begin reheating and reenters the system. This reduces waste and helps to minimize the required energy output.

Advantages of an Electric Boiler Heater

Boiler heaters are available with different power sources. The most effective option is electric power. Which is why there is a global increase in the demand for electric industrial heaters.

A few of the benefits of electric boiler heaters include:

High Temperature

For power generation, steam boiler heaters need to be capable of delivering high temperatures. Particularly during the superheating phase. Electricity has the advantage of being able to achieve higher temperatures virtually no wasted energy.

This results in lower eating costs, despite a greater output.

Faster Heating

Electric boiler heaters are capable of reaching target temperatures quickly. This improves the efficiency of your process, increasing profitability.

Temperature Monitoring & Controls

Another advantage of electric heating is that they are capable of providing precise temperatures. Wattco boiler and tank heaters have available thermocouples and temperature monitoring tools for even more precise control.

ASME Certified Boiler Heaters

Temperature capabilities are important when choosing boiler heaters. However there other important considerations as well. In power generation, safety is a major concern. Using an improperly constructed or designed heater or vessel can lead to an explosion or mechanical failure.

To ensure safe and efficient operation, it’s best to look for manufacturers who can provide ASME certified boiler heaters.

ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. They put out universal guidelines for the safe construction and material selection of boilers and pressure vessels. Their codes and standards help to protect you, your staff, and your equipment.

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