Flange Heaters for Waste Oil Applications

Flange Waste OilLess waste = more revenue. Waste is a major industrial expense, it results in getting less use out of high-cost products as well as increasing disposal costs. Wasteful processes drive up the costs of operation, reducing your bottom line.

Oil, for instance, affects most major industries. From automobile engines to industrial lubricating oils, there is a significant amount of waste. After a single-use, oils often aren’t usable again for the same process.

The handling or use results in impurities or in losing the characteristics that make it valuable for the process. As a result, it’s often disposed of — a big expense considering the rising price of oil.

The solution is clear, companies can increase profitability by repurposing instead of disposal. One of the most effective industrial solutions is using flange heaters for waste oil applications.

Waste Oil Heating

Rising prices, high disposal costs, and rapid degradation make oil a significant expense. Waste oil heating allows companies to extend the usage they get from their oil, reducing their expenses and waste. Waste oil heater applications turn used oil into a valuable fuel source.

Using waste oil to produce energy reduces costs and waste. The reuse has a low environmental impact than disposal, and processes save money on disposal and fuel costs.

Despite the significant impact used oil heating can have, the process is inexpensive. A simple electric flanged heater is usually sufficient. Of course, intelligent heater selection and design are important.

The oil immersion heater needs to provide a high enough temperature for complete combustion. This minimizes loss and reduces environmental impact. To ensure this, only approved boilers can burn waste oils for heat and energy.

As well, choosing the right wattage is important for a waste oil heater. Generally, the heavier the oil, the lower the watt density.

In addition to these considerations, it’s also important to choose the right type of flange heater for waste oil applications.

Types of Waste Oil Flange Heaters

Flanged oil immersion heaters are used for two purposes. They can heat the oil for use as fuel, or maintain temperatures in storage. The purpose determines which type of flange heater to use.

Electric Circulation HeaterCirculation Fuel Oil Heaters

Circulation heaters heat and/or preheat waste oil that is being used for fuel. They operate in processes that convert used oil into energy or heat. These heaters use an encased flange heater to provide heat to the circulating fluid.

Tank Oil Heater

Not all waste oil is used right away, instead, it usually goes into storage. A flange immersion heater keeps the oil in usable condition in storage tanks and reservoirs.

The electric oil heater keeps the fuel at optimal temperatures to avoid degradation. As well as providing freeze prevention in cooler environments.

A flanged heater is the best option for large storage tanks and vessels. They offer rapid response, as well as accurate and heat temperature distribution. However, for a smaller tank, a screw plug heaters can provide an effective, economical tank heating solution.

Purchasing A Flange Heater for Waste Oil Heating

Wattco custom designs and manufactures industrial heating solutions. Our team works with you to determine the optimal waste oil heater configuration for your specific application. The careful selection of materials, flanges, and wattage ensure efficiency and long lifespans for your heaters.

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