Circulation Heaters for Nuclear Power Generation

Biodiesel HeaterCirculation heaters are safe for operation even in hazardous environments. This makes them ideal for use in nuclear power plants. Their construction and controls ensure efficient and safe operation.

Pressurized water reactors, for instance, commonly rely on electric circulation heaters to control the pressure. In this system, the primary coolant absorbs heat from nuclear fission, transferring it to the working fluid (water). The heat turns the water into steam which drives the turbines, creating electricity. 

This process relies on a pressurizer to control the pressure, maximizing efficiency and preventing boiling. The circulation heater is used to control the heat of the pressurizer tank, thereby controlling the pressure.


An effective nuclear plant heater requires precision controls for both safety and operational efficiency. In almost any power plant application, an immersion heater should use a digital control panel with a NEMA 7 (explosion-proof) rating. This protects the equipment, operation, and personnel.

Another common situation for nuclear energy generation is a requirement for precision temperatures. This can be achieved by pairing the right technology with the electric heater. 

For example, one client required an immersion heater for nuclear energy generation that could maintain high temperatures. To address this challenge, Wattco provided a stainless steel flanged circulation heater paired with thermocouples at exit ports to maintain the correct temperature. Wattco also recommended a high limit controller for safety.

Benefits of Electric Circulation Heaters for Nuclear Reactors

Every industry can benefit from the advantages of electrical heating. The nuclear power industry is especially well suited for electric power due to its safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Simple Design

In comparison to combustion-powered heaters, electric heaters have a much simpler design. There are fewer sensitive or complex pieces, resulting in a low risk of failure or internal damage. As a result, electric industrial heaters have longer lifespans and continue operating at maximum efficiency for longer.

The simple design also lends itself to easy maintenance, installation, and repairs. Damaged heater elements are easily removed and replaced, minimizing repair time and costs.


Electric heat is safe. Safety is always a priority but in highly sensitive environments, like a nuclear reactor, it is especially important. Temperature controls are more precise, and the lack of internal combustion presents less risk.

Maximize Heating Efficiency

Electric power if the most efficient heating option available. There is virtually no wasted energy, keeping operational costs low and predictable. As well, electric heaters are capable of achieving higher temperatures, achieving them faster and maintaining them more accurately than conventional circulation heaters.

Custom Electric Circulation Heaters for Nuclear Power Generation

Wattco custom manufactures electric circulation heaters for almost any industry. We have a wealth of experience working with nuclear power companies and are familiar with the specific needs, requirements, and challenges of the power industry.

The Wattco team will help you choose the right heaters, sensors, and configurations for your specific operation. Contact us today for a circulation heater quote or more information.