Process Skids for Pipeline Heaters

Benefits of Skid SystemsBoth upstream and downstream pipelines rely heavily on industrial heaters for the transportation, preparation, and maintenance of oil products. Accurate, efficient heaters improve productivity and product quality – while minimizing loss.

Electric hearts can provide reliable freeze protection, preventing the degradation of the product, and damage from expanding pipes. They also maintain viscosity ensuring optimal flow, with a reduced risk of accumulation and obstruction.

While these heaters present a necessary solution for pipelines, their placement can be a challenge. Getting the heater where you want it when you need it is important. If you need to place the heater in a difficult to install position or need to use it in multiple locations, a skid-mounted heater is a good solution.

This approach mounts an electric heater on a process skid, making for easy transportation and integration of the heater.

Why Use a Process Skid Pipeline Heater

A skid-mounted heater makes it possible for a small labor force to do the work of a larger crew. They require fewer pieces of equipment and need fewer people to move and install heating systems. This keeps costs low while getting more out of your equipment, without sacrificing performance.

Skid systems also provide safer operations. They are easily moved, making it easy to clean up spills or perform repairs. Skid-mounted heaters can be immediately removed to prevent breakdowns at high temperatures, protecting the product and the unit. They are easier to clean, and maintain, ensuring a long lifespan.

Heater Types for Pipeline Process Skids

Generally, there are two types of heaters that are mounted on process skids, screwplug and flange.

Screwplug Heaters

Screwplug heaters are typically used in closed vessels and small containers. They have hairpin elements that are threaded directly into the side of the vessel. This direct heating method is the most efficient heating possible with a high degree of accuracy, and the custom fitting ensures a safe, perfect connection.

Screwplug heaters pair well with all sorts of safety devices and controls, such as thermowells and high-limit temperature probes. They are an excellent option for heating flammable liquids or gases that require explosion-proof housing.

Flange Heaters

If the vessel is too large for a screwplug heater, a flanged heater is your best option. They provide efficient heating in larger containers. Positioned towards the bottom of the tanks and using custom element designs, flange heaters ensure even heat distribution.

These heaters have elements extending from the flange, directly submerged in the target medium. A wide range of element materials and coatings are available, so they can withstand almost any environment solution.

Skid Mounted Electric Heaters

Circulation HeaterWattco custom-manufactures immersion heaters built around the specific needs of your industrial processes and applications. Our team works with your budget, needs, and details to design the optimal heater and configuration for you. We help you determine the right materials, heater types, wattages, and more to maximize efficiency, lifespan, and effectiveness.

Discover whether skid-mounted immersion heaters are the ideal solution for you. Contact us today for immersion heater quotes and information.