Electric Heaters in Food & Beverage Pasteurization Systems

Food & Beverage Heaters

Product safety and quality are paramount in the food and beverage industry. For many products, those factors rely on pasteurization systems that use electric heaters.

The Use and Importance of Pasteurization in the Food Industry

The pasteurization process applies heat to food and beverages. Although the technology has evolved, the fundamentals of this food processing technique have existed for hundreds of years. The heat treatment extends shelf life while also killing harmful bacteria. The goal of pasteurization is threefold.

  1. Health & Sanitation: Removing pathogens from the food, ensuring that they are safe to consume.
  2. Preparation: Prepare the food for consumption or further processing.
  3. Prevent Quality Changes: Applying the accurate and even heat, prevents changes in quality during food processing and while sitting on store shelves. This ensures consistent product quality and experience.

The Needs of a Pasteurization System

Rapid & Uniform Heating

Electric heaters are preferred in pasteurization systems because they can provide uniform heat distribution and achieve target temperatures quickly. Uniform heat ensures the product is safe and fully pasteurized. It also makes sure the product is consistent in quality and taste. 

Smooth Temperature Curve

In pasteurization, a smooth temperature curve is preferred. This allows the product to be brought to the target temperature without being overheated or boiled, which could damage it or reduce the quality.

With the fast-heating capabilities of electric food & beverage heaters, this temperature control is especially important.


The ability to complete pasteurization effectively, rapidly, and consistently creates a more profitable process. A pasteurization heater that achieves temperature quickly requires fewer resources and takes less time. This means it can treat more product, and at a lower cost. Greater efficiency = more profit.


In the pasteurization of orange juice, the properties of the juice can change during pasteurization. These changes can reduce the taste and quality of the juice. To avoid this, juice manufacturers use electric heaters in a system that prevents this quality loss. 

Using an electric heater, uniform heat distribution is possible quickly, achieving the target temperature in under 1 second. It then holds this temperature for 4 seconds – long enough to be effectively pasteurized – before cooling the juice. This short time frame, and the quick return to cool temperatures, reduce the risk of quality changes. It also allows the manufacturer to pasteurize several thousand tonnes of orange juice per hour.

Electric Heaters in Pasteurization

Electric heaters have become the ideal choice for pasteurization, especially in preheating. The smooth temperature curve and rapid-heating capabilities of electricity makes for the ideal preheater. 

As well, electricity provides much greater accuracy and control. They deliver more precise temperatures, and the heaters pair well with thermocouples and regulators. Intelligent, automated digital control panels allow for reliable and accurate pasteurization heater operation. 

With greater efficiency than traditional heating systems at lower operational costs, electric pasteurization heaters can directly improve the profitability of your processes.

Electric Pasteurization Heater Quotes

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