Integrated Control Panels

Heating systems are run through digital control panels. These panels act as the brains of the system, running and optimizing heating functions for stability and efficiency. They also provide safety, preventing overheating and/or chemical disintegrations.

Integrated control panels align the panel with the individual systems, software, equipment, and accessories in your heating system. As a result, they provide a greater degree of unified control, enhancing their effectiveness and performance. They optimize processes while adhering to standards, codes, and compliance.


Automation is an important aspect of integrated control panels. Automated control panels removes the need for manual monitoring and adjustments. This not only allows personnel to focus on other important tasks, but it allows the controller to function more efficiently and without the risk of human error.

An automated system can adjust temperatures on the fly to react to sudden drops, or can engage shutoff switches to prevent overheating. They continually monitor and adjust to real-time information, allowing for preemptive or rapid responses. As a result, automation makes digital control panels more reliable, efficient, and makes processes more profitable.


In selecting a control panel, compatibility is essential. When you’re buying a new heating system, this task can be easier. Purchasing everything at once, from one supplier ensures all software and equipment will work together properly. If you’re replacing or updating equipment, such as upgrading from a fossil fuel heater to an electric heater, there may be compatibility challenges.

Working with manufacturers is the best way to overcome these challenges. Wattco custom-manufactures electric heaters, control panels, and components. Our engineers can help select the right equipment, settings, and configurations to ensure compatibility with your existing system.

Our expertise and experience allows us to predict and resolve most compatibility issues, before installing and customizing heating systems. As a result, you get a control panel which maximizes efficiency and without gaps in communications and interactions with other components in the system.

Different NEMA ratings are also available for control panels. This makes them compatible not only within their system but with the specific process fluids and environments. Moisture-proof, weatherproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof control panels are available where necessary.

Tools & Accessories

The best integrated control panels are designed to function with a greater range of options and controls. Adding on specific tools, accessories, and components can improve their capabilities and safety.

Thermocouples allow for more accurate temperature readings, ensuring optimal heat delivery and better control over energy usage. Low-level switches detect when fluid levels drop, exposing heating elements. Where elements are exposed, there is an ignition risk for vapors above the fluid’s surface. This device notifies the control panel, shutting of that heater element before a damaging or dangerous situation can occur.

Several tools and accessories are available to improve the performance and safety of your control panel. A Wattco representative can help you determine which components are best for your process.

Custom Control Panel Quotes

Wattco custom-manufactures electric heating equipment and control panels. Our team of experts can help you select the ideal configuration and equipment to match your specific application and budget.

Contact us today for integrated control panel quotes and information.