Asphalt Heater for Construction Sites

Bitumen HeaterFrom the roof over our heads to the road under tires, asphalt is one of the most important and diverse construction materials around the globe. While asphalt and bitumen are essential products in many construction sites, they are not workable on their own. To build effectively with these materials requires a reliable asphalt heater.

This article looks at the role of asphalt heaters for construction sites. Examining some of the projects that require them and identifying the best heater types for each use.

Patching & Road Repair

One of the most common uses of asphalt is road repair. Regular wear from traffic and inclement weather can do significant damage to roadways. This is especially in climates with large temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Gaps, cracks, and potholes form creating hazardous conditions for cars and/or compromising the integrity of the roadway.

Patching is an effective solution for repairing damaged roads. Using heat and bitumen, the patching device makes it possible to fill gaps and repair joints without causing structural damage to bitumen. As such, it makes it possible to keep the roads safe, without having to close them down and repave.

Infrared heaters are a common solution for patching. They use radiation to provide even, high-intensity heat to a targeted area.

Asphalt & Bitumen Storage/Transportation

Storing and transporting asphalt or bitumen products for construction requires heating and moisture protection. Water can make bitumen foam, recording its quality. While a heater can help with moisture protection, the main reason bitumen heating is essential is to make the product workable.

If the asphalt or bitumen is allowed to cool, it will harden. This can degrade its quality, prevent it from being used, or even damage equipment. If they are overheated, it can damage the product just as much. Additionally, each grade and type has its own temperature window that it must maintain to retain quality and usability.

Industrial Water HeaterTo meet the specific heat demands for storage and transportation, a heater must be precise and reliable. To this end, electric heaters are ideal as they provide the most accurate heating and temperature maintenance, as well as superior efficiency.

Some common bitumen transportation and storage heaters include:

Asphalt Recycling

When Elon Musk announced his plan for solar roof tiles to replace shingles, one of the key concerns was reducing the waste of asphalt. While roofers often throw out shingles, many construction projects are able to recycle and reuse asphalt. This cuts down on waste, environmental impact, and costs.

Asphalt recycling works by taking bricks of solid asphalt and melting them back down to be reused. This requires a powerful heater that can generate enough heat to convert it back to a liquid state, without overheating.

Asphalt recyclers use both indirect and direct heaters for this application.

Asphalt Heater Quotes & Details

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