Advantages of Skid-Mounted Boiler Heaters

Skid-mounted heating systems offer great versatility, making it possible to use a single heater in multiple tanks and applications. The skid adds mobility and can easily be transported by forklift or other devices for rapid installation and use without having to drain tanks or weld into place. Skid-mounted heaters have become especially popular in boiler heater projects.

Electric Water HeaterBoiler Heaters

In recent years, boiler heating systems have been transitioning away from coal, oil, and other natural gas fuel sources. Instead, they are embracing electric boiler heaters. The switch to electric heaters allows for more efficient and accurate heating with a low-carbon footprint. As well, the smaller, safer units are ideal for skid-mounting.

These units are appropriate for both steam and hot water approaches to boiler heating.

Benefits of Skid-Mounting Heaters


One of the challenges that occurs with fixed boiler heating systems is energy loss. For instance, where piping is used to supply the heat, the greater the transmission distance the greater the loss in heating efficiency. The length of the pipe lay results in pressure drops which directly result in energy loss. This means lower efficiency and lost spending on wasted energy.

These effects are amplified by radiation and convection. The longer the distance between the heater and the boiler, the more energy is lost through these means of transfer.

Using smaller, but more mobile, boiler heaters resolves this problem. Skid-mounted heaters allow for positioning directly at the point-of-use. As a result, there is minimal energy loss and maximal efficiency.


Hot Oil HeaterAnother important reason for using mobile boiler heaters is their versatility. A skid heater is able to meet the changing needs of facility processes without the need for expensive installations or upgrades. As well, these heaters are capable of addressing heating requirements. Just because heating requirements change, doesn’t necessarily mean the heaters have to change as well.


Skid-mounted boiler heaters are capable for a wide range of projects. They are effective for both steam and hot water boiler applications. They work with low-pressure boilers (<15 PSIG) to provide comfort heating. And are also ideal for high-pressure boilers operating up to 1000 PSIG.

In addition to working with various boiler types and pressures, skid heater systems are also practical solutions for different quantities of heaters. They work well with both single or multiple boilers. Either working in tandem with other boiler heaters or being moved from boiler to boiler.


Although they can be powerful, electric skid heaters are relatively small. That means they take up less space, allowing more room for operations and other projects. By contrast, fixed natural gas heaters are large and cumbersome. The amount of space they take up can get in the way and reduces operating space that could be better used with additional boilers or other projects.

As well, the smaller size of the skid-mounted heater makes it possible to use in more locations. They are ideal where other heaters are inoperable or would require long pipe lays that suffer significant energy drops.

Protecting the Heater & Process

If partial loads or short-cycling are common issues in your boiler heater process, a skid-mounted heater may be the solution. The heater can better manage or avoid partial loading. As well, they allow the circumvention of short-cycling. In a regular heater these can result in damage to the heating system and/or inefficient processes.

Electric Boiler Heater Quotes

Electric boiler heaters are clean, quiet, and easy to install. Wattco custom manufactures electric heaters and heating systems matching the design and outputs to the exact specifications of the project. Whether you need a skid-mounted heater, a low- or high-pressure boiler, Wattco engineers work with you to select the right heater and specs.

Contact us today for electric boiler heater quotes and information.


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