Electric Heaters for Plastics Processing

Plastic Process Heaters

Plastics are an all but inevitable part of our lives. From alarm clocks and coffee cups to the cars we drove in with, most of us have had nonstop interactions with plastic between waking up and just getting into the office. The plastics industry is a major component of everyday life.

Plastics processing methods are just as varied as the uses for the plastics themselves. Methods like compression molding, thermoforming, and injection molding all have one common factor – heat. Whether making reusable, degradable, or single-use plastics, all processing methods require a reliable and efficient heater.

Plastic Processing Heater Types

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are among the most widely used industrial process heaters. Providing direct heat, they offer highly efficient and accurate temperature control. A variety of designs including circulation, over-the-side, screw plug, and flanged heaters offer ideal solutions for just about any heating project.

From small spaces to large volume tanks, electric immersion heaters are a practical solution for many plastic processing applications.

Cast-In Heaters

Cast-in heaters are used in thermal processing of plastics. They require careful mounting to prevent warping and secure connections to prevent ruptures. As with immersion heaters, cast-in heaters are available in multiple configurations and multiple materials to match target mediums and temperatures.

Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters are versatile component heaters. In plastic processing, they are typically used in molds. They offer a snug fit with custom diameters and the interior cavity can hold a thermocouple for greater temperature control and accuracy.

Appropriate for temperatures up to 1,400ºF (760ºC), Wattco cartridge heaters are designed with higher wattages at the end to prevent cold spots and provide uniform heat distribution.

Coil Heaters & Band Heaters

Coil heaters and band heaters are often used in plastics extrusion, molding, and thermoforming. Sheath material can be customized to withstand corrosive environments. Tight straps and clamps ensure uniform heat distribution. Springs used to affix the band heaters allow for thermal expansion without heat or efficiency loss.


Plastics processing heaters are most effective when paired with the right components. These improve temperature maintenance and monitoring, as well as increasing safety and heater lifespans.

Heater Elements

Heater elements come in custom configurations to best match the size and shape of the vessels containing the heated medium. Attentive design ensures efficient heating that provides the right wattages and materials to achieve target temperatures and flow rates.

Digital Controllers

Digital control panels are the brains of the heating system. They keep heat transfer stable and efficient with automatic programming that prevents overheating and delivers accurate temperatures. Terminal boxes are available in different NEMA levels to protect from moisture, water, dust, and/or explosions.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors provide temperature readings right at the source. They improve the accuracy, making the controller more effective at monitoring and maintaining temperatures. This increases efficiency and helps to prevent and identify potential issues.

Custom Plastic Processing Heaters 

Wattco custom manufactures industrial heaters for the plastics industry. Our team of engineers helps you select the best heater type, design, and configuration to match your project and budget. Our electric process heaters provide high efficiency and reliability.

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