What are the Benefits of Using Tankless Water Heaters in Commercial Settings?

Tankless water heaters (a.k.a, inline heaters) are unique in their construction and mechanisms of action. They are a noteworthy alternative to heating for specific industrial applications and might be suitable for your industry. This post will examine how tankless water heaters function, their advantages, and the applications they work best for.

How tankless water heaters work

Also known as inline and circulation heaters, tankless water heaters increase the efficiency of heating liquids used for industrial applications. Manufacturers typically make them for heating, often hazardous processing liquids that help systems to run better.

These heaters usually function in a sealed system to prevent liquids or chemicals from escaping. When tankless heaters are involved in an application, the process involves fluids going through dedicated openings. The liquid heats up before it returns to the original vessel, allowing for balanced and fast heating. It also helps the liquid to sustain its ideal flow and viscosity.

Tankless water heaters usually come equipped with thermocouple sensors that regulate heat to keep fluids at their ideal temperature.

What industrial applications do they work best for

Tankless water heaters can serve a variety of industrial processes, but they work best for wet applications. Typically, the liquid in these applications has a better flow than when an immersion unit heats them.

You can have tankless water heaters fixed to another unit or made portable where required.

Typical uses of tankless water heaters

  • Steam cleaners
  • Hot tubs
  • Clean equipment
  • Laboratories
  • High-purity water heating
  • Annealing
  • Curing and tempering

Many of these processes are crucial to establishments that must consider personal comfort and wellbeing. They include the likes of the hospitality sectors, the food and dining industry, and entertainment venues.

Practical examples of inline heaters in action

To put the examples above in perspective, it’s worth looking at real-world contexts in which inline water heaters could work. In many of these facilities, tankless water heaters make great alternatives to other traditionally used heating systems.

Tankless water heaters in small restaurants

A small restaurant needs a robust heating system that can supply hot water for sinks, dishwashers, bathrooms, etc. But they’re often limited in space. Tankless water heaters are ideal for small restaurants because they can meet the heating requirements needed for essential machines without taking up too much space. Owners can opt to have these heaters installed outside or in another area since they will still connect to other vessels.

Tankless water heaters in large vacation resort

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have vacation resorts. They also need robust heating systems that ensure hot water is available for guest rooms, laundry rooms, and restaurants. The challenge is ensuring their water doesn’t turn cold during peak hours. Owners of a mid-sized hotel can stack multiple tankless water heaters to allow continuous and widespread heating throughout the facility. Additionally, tankless heaters can reduce hot-water storage tanks’ space requirements and costs.

Tankless water heaters in college residence facilities

The college residence facility is in the middle of the restaurant and resort. These facilities must supply hot water to dorm rooms for students’ cooking and washing needs. The challenge with providing dorm rooms is ensuring they can meet demands during peak hours when students are most likely using hot water. Again, tankless water heaters can meet the demand without relying on massive boilers or heating tanks.

Wattco inline water heaters

In addition to water heating applications, tankless heaters can serve as alternatives for fluids such as oil or even certain acids. With that said, choosing a heating unit that can withstand conditions such as corrosion and wear-and-tear of frequent and high output usage is crucial.

Here at Wattco, our engineers and scientists manufacture inline water heaters that can meet various industrial needs and withstand harsh conditions. Using a Wattco heater can help you maximize your liquid heating applications while minimizing the demands of maintaining other heating systems.

Get in touch with a Wattco representative to help determine how a tankless water heater can facilitate your application.