Maximize Energy Efficiency with Industrial Heating Solutions

Last updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 07:03 pm

Get to know the latest trends in energy-efficient heating solutions, such as infrared heating, applications, and how Wattco’s products can help industrial companies reduce their energy consumption and save money. Get on board the wave of energy efficiency and see the benefits it offers.

The perks of being energy efficient

Many areas in industrial heating can be improved to be more energy efficient: insulation, heating, cooling, and more. One loss is when insulated surfaces lose heat. This can happen due to the system being used, the heat source temperature, the type of insulation used, and the environmental conditions. The loss of this heat can be reduced by 10 to 25 percent using the following tips so it can become more energy efficient: 

  • Use the best insulators
  • Use the right industrial heating solutions depending on the climate
  • Keep well-maintained equipment so it functions properly
  • Take advantage of new technologies and AI systems

According to the Clean Technology Scenario (CTS), energy demand can fall by over 35 percent by 2050 without losing energy service levels. From that reduction, around 85 percent is due to more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. New technologies are becoming available that can significantly improve expenditure, heat waste, and efficiency.

Energy-efficient heating solution trends

This report discusses the effects of using novel technologies like Soft Magnetic Composites flux concentrators and Litz wires. Flux concentrators aren’t new themselves. They’ve been used to improve heating efficiency, focus heat application, and reduce magnetic stray fields. These benefits can be reached when a conductor is surrounded by a flux concentrator.

Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC)

This is a collection of magnetic iron particles coated in electrically insulating layers. There are a few SMC options on the market today, but it’s still a new concept.

SMC’s electric insulation reduces resistive losses unlike in laminated steel for example. SMC enables better heat control, smaller and cheaper parts, and efficient solutions to common problems. Unlike other materials, SMC can be molded around other coils in the necessary shapes using injection molding or rotational molding.

Litz wire

Litz wire is an up-and-coming multi-stranded wire for high-frequency applications. Each strand is insulated from the others with lacquer on the outside and inside of the wire. The amount of strands in a wire adds to its formability. However, because it has poor thermal conductivity perpendicular to the wire’s direction, it can be more difficult to cool than copper tubes.

For optimal effects, these two industrial heating solutions can be used in concert. First, surround a coil with a magnetic flux concentrator to increase the magnetic coupling to the workpiece, which in turn reduces the current without losing heating power. Then, use a Litz wire to replace copper tubes. This will reduce the need for water cooling and the original coil losses. Lastly, mold SMC to the Litz coil to efficiently transport heat from the coil. 

Wattco products to use

For medical, automotive, mining, oil, gas, construction, and packaging applications, use Wattco’s infrared heating solutions. Infrared heating offers five advantages:

  1. Lower energy consumption since they transfer energy directly to their target medium. With no hindrances between the heater and its target, 100 percent of the heat is absorbed. Research has also found that facilities using infrared heating can save up to 20 percent to 50 percent in fuel costs.
  2. Reduced harmful emissions as radiant heaters use electricity to generate power, releasing excess energy as heat. They burn clean as a result, with virtually no emissions.
  3. Thermal stratification because radiant heaters reduce thermal stratification so occupants can feel the heater’s warmth.
  4. Increased air quality as infrared heaters don’t use air currents to transmit heat and, therefore, don’t spread hazardous airborne matter. That is a crucial advantage for settings containing flammable or toxic air particles.
  5. Durability and longevity since infrared heaters contain fewer components and, by extension, are less likely to break down. When repairs are necessary, they’re usually minimal and late in the heater’s lifecycle.

Check out more of what Wattco has to offer in terms of becoming a more sustainable, energy-efficient setting. Contact us today.