Optimizing the Beer Industry with Electric Heaters

Last updated on October 6th, 2023 at 03:43 am

Beer has been around for ages, and over the years the manufacturing process has improved. With electric heaters, the beer industry can produce more quality beer at reduced costs. Discover how electric heaters are implemented in the beer industry.

Electric heaters in the beer industry

How are electric heaters used in this industry? There are three stages of brewing where electric heaters come in handy.

  1. Hot liquor tanks: This tank heats brewing water to mash temperature. Electric heaters are great options to manage a steady temperature when heating the water to ensure each batch of beer is equal in quality.
  2. Mash lauter tun: In this stage, the temperature must be carefully controlled at around 75 to 78°C to turn mash into the wort. Electric heaters are capable of maintaining a high temperature. For even more control, they can work with a temperature control panel.
  3. Boil kettle: The wort must then be boiled with hops, herbs, and/or sugar to develop a brew. Like the other stages, this step requires careful, reliable control of the temperature. Any small change can drastically change the outcome of the brew, resulting in product waste.

Temperature control with electric immersion heaters

Fermentation is a key process in the beer and wine industry and heat is a big contender to ensure the fermentation process is done correctly. At the right temperature, the yeast will transform sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Electric immersion heaters excel at temperature control, especially when paired with a temperature control panel so anyone can see if the temperature is fluctuating or if an issue needs addressing.

Accurate temperatures ensure each batch of beer is of the same quality, which is essential to any brand. If the beer always tastes different, it won’t be seen as reliable, and won’t become a favorite to beer drinkers. Consistency of taste batch over batch is critical to developing a fan base, and this means knowing what flavors they’ll get each time.

Proper temperature control will also lower the chances of damaging the medium or the equipment being used. Temperature control panels can sense temperature trends and react accordingly before damage occurs.

Save with food and beverage industry heaters

Using the right tools pays off. In the brewing industry, the right tools include electric heaters. They’re less expensive to maintain and they require fewer repairs and replacements than gas heaters. Brewing companies will already be using electric equipment for other processes, so adding electric heaters makes sense.

Wattco’s electric heaters are made with SAE 316 stainless steel, a top choice for water heating and the food industry. The addition of molybdenum to this alloy prevents forms of corrosion to which other alloys are susceptible. It will last longer than other materials. Due to their efficiency, electric immersion heaters are better for energy consumption and heat-up time.

Faster heat-up times

Electric heaters are known for their ability to heat up faster than other options. The heating element is directly immersed in the substance needing heat, which encourages its temperature to rise faster. This speeds up the production process.

Improved safety

There are often risks in production and manufacturing with all of the machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Food and beverage industry heaters take away some of the risks since they won’t leak gasses or allow buildups that could lead to explosions or other problems.

Wattco’s electric heaters for the beer industry

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